Meet Amy

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I want everyone to meet my new baby Amy!  After going to the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance I told Justin I wanted a vintage Fiat.  But one, it is hard to find and two, it is pricey!  I went to test drive some of the new Fiats and as soon I found out they have a light green one and got so excited!  Still, I wasn’t expecting to get anything really.  A fact about my husband,  his true love is cars.  I came after… Just kidding! He decided he wanted to get me this car.  So I said bye bye to Sheldon and left with his girlfriend Amy.  I am truly grateful.  I can look at my life five years ago and never imagined I would be where I am right now.  I am grateful for all the hard times and all the hard work.  This makes me appreciate so much more everything that I have and makes me have more goals in my life.

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”



wearing: shirt dress, necklace & headband- Forever 21, sandals- Urban Outfitters


This is Real // Denim and Tribal


And so it begins!  I can finally show you all what I am passionate about.

Hopefully you all had an awesome Thanksgiving and were able to hang out with your families.

I’m thankful that this is my first official look in my brand new blog.

Lately Jacksonville has been getting a chilly, finally! I couldn’t wait to wear around my cardigans, sweaters and long sleeves all day! One of my favorites is denim,  I match my denim shirt with most of my outfits.  Strangely enough, so does my husband! We find ourselves wearing our denim shirts at the same time quite often.

I can’t wait to keep taking photos to share with all of you!

Have a wonderful day!



wearing: cardigan – Amsterdam NYC; high-waisted pants – Gojane; necklace – Forever 21; lace-up booties – DSW