I Heart You


Is the week of love, with St. Valentines Day just a few days away! I wonder how many people in the world celebrates this day.  Anyways, I found this vintage dress at a thrift store and I fell in love with it!  Polka dots, midi length, drop down waist, flowy beautiful dress!  Styled it with some hues of pink to make a casual St. Valentines Day outfit. Of course, heart sunglasses has to be worn that day!

What are your plans for the day of love?





dress- Vintage

bag- Ruche (old)

shoes- Topshop (old)

sunglasses- Forever 21




One Spark*




One Spark is a five-day event where creators, such as  artists, entrepreneurs and innovators will display  their projects all over Downtown Jacksonville, FL. One Spark is about connecting people with great ideas to the resources they need to make them a reality.  Every year, creators will come with ideas and present them  to the community.  The community will get the chance to vote for their favorite ideas or projects and at the end all the creators will receive a prize base on the votes and judges.  This is their second year, and I love how much the community has connected by this great event.  You get the change to meet lots of people, special all the creators and they love explaining what is their project all about.  You can see how much passion is in each creator, all together in one spot to share their passions and what they want to do with them.  I only got the change to go one of the five days, since you know I’m so busy with school.  I really enjoyed the afternoon walking around talking to all kinds great  people, listening to all the music playing in every corner, hanging out with friends and just learning about great ideas that someone came up with.  Most definitely One Spark has become part of the Jacksonville culture and I am happy to see culture being created around me.  

Until next year One Spark!



wearing: polka-dot blouse- Thrifted, denim shorts- Zara, black flats- Puertorican shoe store(haha), hat-Charlotte Russe

Meet Amy

DSC_0305-2DSC_0307DSC_0310DSC_0312DSC_0313 DSC_0294-2DSC_0314DSC_0320DSC_0321DSC_0323

I want everyone to meet my new baby Amy!  After going to the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance I told Justin I wanted a vintage Fiat.  But one, it is hard to find and two, it is pricey!  I went to test drive some of the new Fiats and as soon I found out they have a light green one and got so excited!  Still, I wasn’t expecting to get anything really.  A fact about my husband,  his true love is cars.  I came after… Just kidding! He decided he wanted to get me this car.  So I said bye bye to Sheldon and left with his girlfriend Amy.  I am truly grateful.  I can look at my life five years ago and never imagined I would be where I am right now.  I am grateful for all the hard times and all the hard work.  This makes me appreciate so much more everything that I have and makes me have more goals in my life.

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”



wearing: shirt dress, necklace & headband- Forever 21, sandals- Urban Outfitters