Fields of Gold



A goal this year was to begin giving more time to my passions and along those are this blog!  Trying to think what exactly I want to share and keep it straight forward to those exact things.  I know I might have shared about many different things, but I want to change that! I want to go back to my roots, fashion is a big part of me.  How is it different now?  Well, my style has changed from vintage/colorful style to a more comfortable/neutral colors styles.  Also, I want to share different brands I am passionate about now.  I am dedicated to find the best quality items that can last many years, instead of how much can I get for $100, if you know what I mean?  Ethically made is a strong passion for me now too.  I guess becoming a mom has changed a lot inside of me (other than physically hehe).  Thinking that there might be some child laboring in some other country to make my cheap clothes doesn’t leave a good thought in my mind, as well as any other person mistreated poorly and unfairly.  I am not perfect (or a millionaire), but I will try to find what fits and works for me and my lifestyle.

Another big passion I want to share is home style, design, decor, however you call it!  It is a huge passion, probably same level or more of fashion.  I know many of you love when I share things around my house or any other home style scenario when I travel (more than any other picture I share!)

Of course if a travel I would love to share pictures of my time and experience there (even though I haven’t even shared my pictures from new york… oops sorry! ).  But it will be shared along the lines of outfits I am wearing and beautiful style and designs of places in that city.

I know many think of me as a “mommy blogger”, but I don’t think that of myself.  I am a mom, and pictures of Atticus will always be expected!  Still, I don’t want my feed or this space to be solely about that.  My heart has changed this past year, with OCD and anxiety and other fears I have tried to limit how much I shared about Atticus.  This is in no way reflects my love for him or importance of him in my life. THE CONTRARY, HE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN MY LIFE, I LOVE HIM MORE THAN ANYTHING, I WILL PROTECT HIM FOREVER AND EVER AND PUT HIM BEFORE ME.  And for that reason my job is to keep him safe.  It doesn’t mean I won’t share about motherhood! That is my number one job and I want to share my experiences for others to read and not feel they are alone in this journey, because believe me I feel alone a lot!

I don’t remember the last time I wrote this much, but I hope you like where my vision is going! I want to treat this space more like a business along with my passions. Let me know your thoughts in the comments ❤️




Photos by Stefanie Keeler Photography


dress- Madewell

bracelet- Mejuri c/o

boots (old)- Dune


Curious Natalia


It’s About Time


It’s about time… an outfit post on my blog! I know, it’s a miracle, but I’m so happy! Most of my pregnancy I didn’t feel like myself until the last trimester when I started getting ready and dressing up.  Then, baby Atticus arrived in our lives and getting ready or even putting some powder on my face was a challenge haha.  After a few weeks with my baby boy, getting to know him and him me, getting into more of a routine of feedings and naps (still not perfect), I am finally comfortable getting things done during the day.  I mean, I am a pro at eating and getting a shower in one minute! Lol!

Fall is my favorite season, and now with more reason with my October baby! I love the colors and the weather.  I have been loving this rust color of my top from Clad and Cloth.  I probably now own 3 tops this color (don’t judge!).  When I fall in love with a color of clothing I tend to be attracted to that color when I shop… I try to stop myself, but I love it! This top is one of my favorites! I am a sucker for oversized clothing, give me all of them now.  That is why I had to get this one: rust color, oversized, peplum, beautiful and mine! Now let’s talk about the best hat in the whole world! I am not exaggerating.  If you’ve been following for a while you know there’s a hat on my head most of the time.  Lack of Color has always been on my mind, their hats are just beautiful! But like everything beautiful, it comes from Australia and that comes with very high shipping fees.  If you know me you know I like a deal and won’t pay over $20 of shipping for something!  But then one day… the best day… they offered free international shipping! I didn’t even think twice! When I open the box I was just expecting a hat like all the hats I have, but no! This hat is the best quality and shape ever! I love how stiff it is and the color is all I dream off.  I totally recommend this brand.  I will be buying from them in the future because I need more, ok?!

To finish off, of course baby Atticus has to make an appearance! I love living life with him and with everything I love.

What are your favorite colors and items this season?

Have a great weekend my loves!



top- Clad and Cloth

jeans- Old Navy

hat- Lack of Color

necklace- BijuBee

boots- Dune (similar)


Curious Natalia

Stripes and Jean


So it’s funny how we all prego ladies are always somehow holding our belly, especially in pictures.  I mean, for the longest time I had to do this so people realized there is a baby bump there.  My belly really wasn’t that big until now and you’ll rarely see me in tight-fitting clothes.  So far I haven’t been in the need of buy maternity clothes thank goodness because I really do not like them.  I’ve been wearing long dresses like this one from Sheinside, so comfortable for a baby bump! Love styling all my dresses with my jean jacket, even though it is still hot…

Also, I thought I would take some pictures around my house.  I love my home and I feel I don’t take enough pictures.  I guess because I feel it’s not done yet.  My home decor addiction, I know!  Yes, I have cactuses all around!





dress- Shein c/o

jacket- Gap

shoes- Swedish Hasbeen




Curious Natalia