#tbt Denim


I wanted to share with you a photoshoot I did back in February that I didn’t get a change to share here.  I loved these pictures so much that I really wanted to create a post, but so much time has passed, hence the #tbt post.  Around when this photos were taken I found out I was pregnant.  At the beginning I felt just fine, but then I slowly started not feeling that great.  My morning sickness consisted of being gross out by food and extremely exhausted.  Thank goodness I never puked, I got nauseous a couple of times.  The most frustrating was not being able to eat because everything sounded so disgusting.  I love food so much it was so hard to not eat whatever I wanted.  I also cook almost every day and that stopped for like three months, being on a diet of PB&J yum!… I slowly started not being my usual self.  You would find me every day laying on bed, not wanting to dress up, put make up on or talk to people.  And this was the worst struggle of pregnancy.  The hormones change really hit me.  I struggle with depression and anxiety for many years, mostly due to hormonal changes.  So going through the most drastic hormonal change of my life, I really fell down literally, no one could take me out of that bed or bedroom.  This is why I disappeared, I just couldn’t do it or make myself.  I needed time to get better, working with my doctors and my family to go through this.  I was so disappointed in myself because I feel everything is my fault or that I shouldn’t feel this way or that I would be judge.  I just wanted everyone to know that this is not the way I wanted to feel and it didn’t have anything to do because I was pregnant  because this was super planned haha.  At the end my baby boy was the most important thing and that is how I am so much better now, back to my old self but with new priorities than before.  I know I’m not the only one but you definitely feel like you are at the moment.

Enough with the sad story and back to happy moments!  My baby shower is this weekend and I am so excited to celebrate baby Atticus with close people in our lives.

Love you all,


Photos by Stefanie Keeler




Curious Natalia


Not Just a Spooky Holiday


Happy Halloween!

It’s our first Halloween in our home, so we bought candy and are gonna wait for the little kiddos to ring the bell.  I hope the come to our door! Growing up I really didn’t celebrate Halloween or dressed up. If we did was in school.  This day me and my family celebrated a more important event, my brother Joey’s birthday! Even though we are miles away I miss you and I wish you a happy birthday! You know I am four days behind you.  Yes our birthdays are four days apart, which meant our birthday parties were always celebrated together as kids.  My mom’s birthdays was October 23rd, so other than my daddy the birthday’s in my family are really closed together.

Help me by saying Happy Birthday to Joey!


What are you dress up as today?


Feliz día de brujas!

Es nuestro primer día de brujas en nuestra casa, so que compramos dulces y estaremos esperando a los niños a que toquen el timbre de la puerta.  Esperamos que vengan hasta nuestra puerta! Creciendo en verdad no celebramos día de brujas ni nos disfrazábamos tanto.  Mas bien lo hacíamos en actividades de la escuela.  Este día yo y mi familia celebrábamos un evento mas importante, el cumple de mi hermano Joey!  Aunque estamos millas aparte te extraño y te deseo un gran cumpleaños! Ya sabes que estoy cuatro días después de ti! Si nuestros cumpleaños son cuatro días aparte, cual significa que nuestras fiestas de cumpleaños cuando éramos niños siempre eran juntos.  Mi mami cumple en Octubre 23, so como tres con los cumples súper cerca sin papi.

Ayudame a desearle a Joey un feliz cumpleaños!


De que te disfrazaste hoy?






top- Anthropologie

romper- Zara

boots- Dune

hat- Asos

Curious Natalia