Washable Rugs By Lorena Canals Rugs


Happy new year everyone! I hope the holidays were great with your family and loved ones. This year I want to make it a great one, a happier and healthier one. Small changes in your lifestyle and around you really do help the way you feel and keep a positive mind. One of things I love doing is changing things around my home or adding one thing that changes the feel of the whole room. I believe in quality over quantity and it’s something that I want to live fully this year. Things have to have a purpose or bring joy to my life.


A new addition to my home is my Lorena Canals Rug and is one with a purpose and sparks joy in my life.  The number one thing I love about the Lorena Canals Rugs is that they are machine-washable! With a toddler running around with food on his hand and mouth or trying to pull cups of tables, this rugs is a life saver.  Also, if you have pets and they think rugs are grass… oops.  Yes, already happened!  I just put it in the wash and it was like brand new! And it fits into a standard washers and dyers. Another favorite is how soft they are, they just get softer and softer.  Of course the design I love!  They have a variety of designs to go with different styles and rooms, kids and adults.  The rugs are handmade in India, designed in Spain, with all natural dyes,  eco-friendly and contain no VOCs like most carpeting and rugs. I would recommend this rug to everyone, parents and not parents.  It is a great addition to a nursery, a kid’s play room or any room of the house.  It is a must have to add to your baby registry.  I promise you would love it! I added to my living room because it’s the area we are most of the day playing, eating, watching TV and “me time” when baby boy is napping.


Lorena Canals Rugs offer other products additional to rugs.  You can fine beautiful Washable Cushions, Wall Decor, Baskets and Blankets on their website. I think I need a washable cushion from them next!  Am I the only one or cushion gets so dirty in your home?  Especially when you try to put a plate on them and eat while watching TV….

Another great quality about Lorena Canals Rugs is that they give to a cause by giving proceeds to support the Sakula project to provide schooling for children in India.  You can read more about their social mission here.


*I received product compliments of Lorena Canals Rugs.*

Happy weekends friends! Until next time.




Curious Natalia


Baby Atticus’ Nursery Reveal


This is probably my favorite room in the house! I was so excited to finally take some pictures of baby Atticus’ nursery and share with everyone.  We definitely had so much fun putting this room together.  Home decor is a great passion of mine and I am happy to share this passion with my husband.  However, we are not fans of traditional nursery decor.  We always wanted our nursery to be based on woodland animals such as foxes, bears, bunnies! Also, we wanted to keep in neutral colors, gray, black and white with hints of golden-yellow.

You will find me sitting comfortably in the rocking chair because I love this room so much and the only thing that needs is the baby boy to be here.


Mishu is curious about this room, she definitely loves the rug!



Room Details:

Crib- Walmart (I know right!)

Quilt- Not Sew Strange c/o

Animal Prints- Coco & James

Rug- Ikea

Camera- Nest Cam

Rocking chair- Ikea

Throw- Ikea

Mobile, Plant Stand and Side Table- DIY

Changing Pad Cover- New Mom Designs c/o

Dresser- Ikea

Wall Decor- Hobby Lobby

Shelves- Ikea

Bunny- Jellycat

Letter Board- Letterfolk

Milk Onesie- Cheerily

Diaper Bag- Fawn Design



Curious Natalia

Stripes and Jean


So it’s funny how we all prego ladies are always somehow holding our belly, especially in pictures.  I mean, for the longest time I had to do this so people realized there is a baby bump there.  My belly really wasn’t that big until now and you’ll rarely see me in tight-fitting clothes.  So far I haven’t been in the need of buy maternity clothes thank goodness because I really do not like them.  I’ve been wearing long dresses like this one from Sheinside, so comfortable for a baby bump! Love styling all my dresses with my jean jacket, even though it is still hot…

Also, I thought I would take some pictures around my house.  I love my home and I feel I don’t take enough pictures.  I guess because I feel it’s not done yet.  My home decor addiction, I know!  Yes, I have cactuses all around!





dress- Shein c/o

jacket- Gap

shoes- Swedish Hasbeen




Curious Natalia