DIY: Woven Wall Hanging


Hello my friends!

I wanted to share one of the DIYs I recently finished for my house. My first woven wall hanging.  I was very happy how it turned out because it is not that horrible to be my first one.  And it only took me like two months! HAHA.  I really wanted to make a big one, but I didn’t know how much work it will be.  I would cut so much knit and it will end up to be like less than an inch when I pull it down haha.

I know I am not showing a step-by-step on how I make this (really I didn’t know how this was gonna end up), but I will share the resources that taught me and help me through this DIY.  Of course I used an A Beautiful Mess tutorial because they are perfect and I just want my house to look exactly like theirs haha!  The two sources I used to make mine was this one and this one from A Beautiful Mess.  The basic step-by-step helped me since I was a beginner.  My husband actually built me a huge loom out of wood and nails, so you can make this yourself in whatever size you would like.  Even though mine is big loom, I can still make little wall hangings if I like (which probably will be my next one because I don’t want to make a big one in the near future haha).

I love the outcome and how the colors turned out to combine perfectly together.  I wanted to put together all my color inspirations from my main living area.  Right now we are working on turning an Ikea dresser into a buffet for our dining room area.  I can’t wait to share!


Hola mis amores!

Quería compartir con ustedes unos de los últimos DIYs que hice para mi casa.  Mi primer “woven wall hanging.” Súper contenta con el resultado ya que es mi primer y no quedo tan mal.  Y solo me tomo como dos meses! HAHA. Yo estaba empeñada en hacer uno de tamaño grande,  pero lo que no sabia era el trabajo que me iba dar.  Yo cortaba un montón de cordón de tejer y solo me hacia como menos de una pulgada cuando lo tiraba hacia abajo haha.

Yo se que no estoy enseñando un paso por paso de como hice este DIY (en verdad no sabia como iba a ser el resultado), pero compartiré los recursos que me enseñaron y ayudaron a hacer este proyectito.  Claro que use unos tutoriales de A Beautiful Mess porque ellas son perfectas y solo quiero mi casa que se vea exactamente como las bellezas de casas de ellas haha!  Los dos recursos que utilice fueron este y este directo de A Beautiful Mess.  El tutorial básico me ayudo ya que soy primeriza en este proyecto.  Mi esposo me construyo un “loom” bien grande con madera y clavos, y es algo que pueden construir de el tamaño que prefieran.  No importa que el mío sea grande, puedo hacer wall hangings de tamaño pequeño (cual tal vez será mi próximo porque no quiero hacer uno grande por un buen tiempo haha).

Me encanto el resultado y como la combinación de colores termino viéndose.  Quería poner los colores que hay alrededor de mi área de la sala.  Ahora mismo estamos trabajando en convertir un gabetero (vestidor) de Ikea en un buffet/consola para el comedor.  Ya estoy loca por compartir!


Los quiero, love you!

Curious Natalia



DIY: Hanging Planter

The excitement of buying a new house has made us want to start buying and creating things to decorate our new space!  My husband found this DIY hanging planter on Pinterest (duh!) and our hearts were set on making this little project.  Most of my DIYs I made by myself, but this one required his help.  I really didn’t know how to cut the brass tubes and at the end we figured out that I bought to thick of a wire.  This little project required a lot of our patience, but it is so cute!  We will gain more experience and perfection when we make more!

To follow the steps by steps on how to do this DIY I will share the link that showed us how to make it.  It is really hard to explain on my own words and she did a great job on making this project so easy!


Materials you’ll need:

  • Brass tubing (Hobby Lobby)
  • Brass wire (Hobby Lobby)
  • Pipe Cutter
  • Planter

PicMonkey Collage
PicMonkey Collage1

The result!  Look how cute it is!  Right now is hanging in my kitchen, but I will make more to hang in my new home.  There is something about gold accents in a home that I just love, of course mixed with white!


Hope you find this DIY project easy to do and gets you inspired around the house.






After everyone’s feedback I had to post an easy step by step on how to make this diy door mat!

First, materials!

  1. Mat (got it at IKEA for $5!)
  2. Fabric paint (color of your choice)
  3. Xacto knife
  4. Brush
  5. Stencil with the word of your choice
  6. Pins


First, cut the stencil with your xacto knife.



Second, pin your stencil on the area of the mat you wish to paint the word.  This will keep the stencil from not moving while you are painting.


Third, start painting!  I squirt paint inside each letter so it could be easier since it is a rough mat.


Fourth, let it dry for a little while.


Fifth, lift the stencil slowly off the mat and be careful it doesn’t paint any other part of the mat.


Voila!  Beautiful masterpiece.  I am so pleased with how it turned out!  And it is so easy for anyone to make.



Hope you enjoy and challenge yourself to create something beautiful today!