Brunch Lovers

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Justin and I have noticed that we love breakfast, it will probably start to be a Sunday tradition. I got this shorts years ago at a thrift store, but they didn’t quite look this way, they were quite long.  I bought them so I could fix them to a length I like.  But it took me years before I did anything to them.  My husband got me a sewing machine for Christmas, and even though I really don’t know how to use it, I tried my best to hem this shorts with a straight line.  They turned out fine to me!  I can wear them now and they are perfect for the summer.  I can’t wait to style them in so many ways!




wearing: shorts- thrifted, top- H&M, shoes- Chelsea Crew, handbag & headband- Forever 21





Up or Down?

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I am done with two of my classes and started the last three classes of this semester this week.  Little by little getting closer to the end of this race.  It is not easy, but it will not be forever.

So I saw this cute pinafore in Forever 21 and I fell in love!  I have wanted one but I feel they look funny on me.  So I gave this one a try!  But I have a little secret,  I really feel insecure with my hair up.  So when I put my hair up, I end up putting it down later on.  When my hair is up I feel I am being exposed for everyone to see.  I’m not used to showing my ears that often.  That is why these pictures of me are with my hair up and down.  I loved my hair up during the day, but then insecurities came rushing and I had to let it down.  I am sharing this with everyone because everyone struggle with insecurities of their own and there are times we really don’t feel beautiful.  Believe me I do know.    So what do you think?  Up or down?



wearing: pinafore- Forever 21, top- thrifted, shoes- Chelsea Crew, satchel- H&M

Here comes the sun

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I dream of the day when I can say I’m not tired. But I am starting to feel hope in my heart, and I will continue this journey with my head high. All I am looking for is my trip back home at the end of March.  Oh, you don’t know how much I have been wanting to be back to my island.

Anyways,  I have been wanting to show you this dress I got from Oasap.  I love the color and it is so soft and comfortable.  Of course, it had to have the peter pan collar.   One day I will not be obsessed with them anymore.  I found this website and I couldn’t stop finding so many cute things.  You should check it out! And these shoes, they are one of my favorites.  I got them in Williamsburg, Brooklyn while on my honey moon in New York City.  They will forever be with me.

Have a nice week!



wearing: dress- Oasap, shoes- Chelsea Crew, hat-Charlotte Russe