Neutral Tones from Head-to-Toe


Winter finally decided to grace us here in Florida.  To be honest, I love it! To be comfortable with whatever I wear and not be in constant sweat and heat.  I love being able to wear my cardigan and cozy socks at home.  The weather has been mostly in the 50’s and up to 60’s, which in my opinion is the perfect weather.  I don’t really love winter attire, I only like only one or two layers.  Wearing a coat is cute, but it’s almost uncomfortable and carrying that big item around is no fun.  This year I really been stocking up in sweaters, I only had like two!  I mean, I live in Florida, so there is not a big necessity to have lots of sweaters and jackets.  But I wanted a few staples and variety to wear through the random cold days that we get bless with.  Everlane has definitely been my go to place to buy my staple, timeless, quality pieces.  I invested in two of their cashmere sweaters and I totally will recommend that you do too! I also got my hands on one of their new Oversized Alpaca Crew Sweaters (what I am wearing on my pics)  and omg!, so cozy and warm!  I thought it would be really itchy, but after wearing once the itchy feeling went away.  Other than the great quality material is made for, I love the color and most of all the design and style.  I love oversized everything.  The sleeves are bubble-sleeve style and has a cool rib pattern and it feels airy.  Another item I invested this year were quality boots.  I invested in a basic Chelsea brown leather boots and wanted another pair of boot with a higher heel for dressing up and down.  The Day Boot is a must have, the most comfortable boot you will ever own.  The material is just like the Day Gloves, it just molds to your feet.  The leather is made from soft Italian leather, it’s really like wearing a glove.  The stack heel its the perfect hight and comfortable for a day out in the city.  I am probably bias because Everlane its my favorite store, but there is a reason why!

What is your favorite shop to buy staples?





sweater– c/o Everlane

pants– Everlane

boots– c/o Everlane

bag– c/o Able

belt– Madewell

necklace– c/o GLDN


Curious Natalia


Summer 10×10 Challenge 2018


Hello friends! I am so excited to show you my recap of the #Summer10x10 Challenge!  It is my third time trying the #10x10Challenge and this has been my most successful one to date.  You can see my #Spring10x10 recap for this year here.  I love that Lee of Style Bee created this challenge and continues to host it every season.  I love that there is a huge community that comes together to do this challenge, creating new friends and adding more inspiration for others to see and learn.  A challenge doesn’t come without challenges, right? Duh, haha. A couple of my personal challenges are- I am a stay at home mom, of a toddler, boy, physically active and always has food in his face. I had to wash my items a couple of times because of this.  It’s ok though, because I love him so much it doesn’t bother me! Another challenge I was afraid to face was my boy getting sick,  this is something I can’t control and he is priority! But thank God he hasn’t been sick in a couple of months, making this challenge easier!  Another challenge is since I am a SAHM, I don’t have a place to go to every day.  I have to put extra effort to make plans to go out and get off my house clothes and get dressed.  At the end of the challenge I was so happy with the results and I genuinely loved every outfit I put together! Keep scrolling to see daily pictures, my 10 items, bonus outfits and recap questions!

Day 1Untitled
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
Day 8
Day 9
Day 10
My 10 Items

I love every single one of these items on my challenge! Super versatile pieces, some could be paired 4 times.  This time around I really worked towards staying with a cohesive color palette that would make pairing much easier, and a color palette I would love when looking at the pieces from far away!


1| Tradlands Box Top Everyday Chambray

2| Tradlands Highland Sleeveless Essential White

3| Universal Thread Crew Neck T-Shirt White

4| Madewell Strap Tank Top Bone (similar)

5| Everlane Modern Boyfriend Jean Mid Blue

6| Everlane Wide Leg Crop Pant Ochre

7| Everlane Wide Leg Crop Pant Bone

8| Madewell Apron Tie-Waist Dress Antique Coral

9| Nisolo Isla Slide Sandal Bone

10| Avarca USA Pons Classic Style Brown

2 Bonus Outfits

Here are 2 extra outfits I put together from my 10 items for my challenge.  This makes me feel that I was extra successful on the Summer Challenge and that the pieces I chose were highly versatile.



Recap Questions

1| What were your #Summer10x10 Challenge goals?

To find the most versatile pieces that would create more than 10 outfits.  Creating outfits that are realistic for my lifestyle.  Using this challenge to make myself go out more and socialize.  There’s no better feeling than getting ready and dressed even though there is nothing special happening!

2| What did you learn about your personal style?

I learn that I love white/bone colors.  Most of my picks were this color.  I learned that I love t-shirts more than I did before, probably because I know how to style them in a way that doesn’t look to basic.

3| What was your 10×10 star piece?

I feel the star pieces was my Madewell dress.  I was surprised that I could style more than just a dress.  This inspired others to do the same with this dress!

4| Were there any pieces you would consider a mistake?

I don’t consider any a mistake! It’s more that this pieces was not practical for my daily life and more for the weekend out by myself.  The Everlane Wide Leg in Bone.  I couldn’t wear this through the week because it would have been dirty in one second with my toddler! Haha.

5|Were your items weather appropriate?

Yes they were! I live in Florida, so it is very hot.  I wish I had shorts to make it less hot for me, but I haven’t found I pair I love!

6| Which outfit was your favorite?

I would say Day 7 and Day 9! I felt the most confident on these days.  Day 1 and 2 I loved too.  I loved all the days!

7| What items didn’t get paired?

I tried to pair all of the items as much as possible! The good thing about having a curated closet is that you love every piece you own.

8| What was the hardest part about this 10×10?

The days I was too tired to get dressed or didn’t have anywhere to go was the hardest for me.  Still I got dressed for 5 minutes at least to go to the store!

9| What was your favorite part of the challenge?

My favorite part of this challenge was documenting the outfits each day in a more efficient way! Also, seeing I was being successful with the pieces I chose made me very happy.

Excited for #Fall10x10 in a few months!  Join me next time!




Curious Natalia

Timeless Pieces with Tradlands

carla (15)-2

carla (18)-2

carla (28)-2

carla (19)-2

carla (20)-2

carla (21)-2

carla (24)-2

carla (25)-2

carla (27)-2

It’s funny to me that people know me as a minimalist or the capsule wardrobe girl.  It’s funny because a few years ago my closet was full of things I hated and I could never find anything to wear.  I concentrated on buying complicated pieces with lots of patterns and colors and I didn’t have any basics.  I felt t-shirts would make me look like I was not trying enough or it wasn’t a fashion staple.  Even though I might seem I have a wardrobe closet, I don’t go by a specific number of items.  Let’s call it an open capsule, where I always analyze what I already have versus what I need and something that I would love to add to my closet.  Many times we are drawn to pieces that already look like things we already have in our closet.  It’s the biggest loop in fashion.  We love mustard dresses, we end up with five mustard dresses.  I have learned to really stop myself from this and it is so much easier now because I know absolutely everything that’s in my closet!  Now my closet is full of staples and timeless pieces that I might have consider boring or not fashionable a few years ago.

To be honest, I have never loved they way I dressed as much as I do now! I concentrate on buying timeless pieces that can be paired with more than two or three items and can be worn through seasons as well.  Quality is important to me and buying from ethical sustainable companies is a goal right now.  All that minimizes the places I buy from, making it easier to not be tempted to buy to be honest.

One of the best places to find all of these qualities is Tradlands!  They offer timeless, essential pieces that you can dress up or down and will last a lifetime.  Tradlands simple pieces can add more outfit equations to your closet throughout every season.  The Everyday Chambray Box Top is one of those staple pieces I’ve been looking to add to my closet for so long! The oversized fit and material are my favorite.  Perfect for summer or colder weather with a cardigan on top.

My closet is still in an ongoing process, but I sure love my clothes way more that before!

Have a great weekend!



Photos by Kelly Martucci


top- c/o Tradlands

pants- Everlane

shoes- Avarca USA

bag- c/o ABLE