Let’s be Honest Mamas: Simplified Holidays


Happy Holidays everyone!  Christmas is just around the corner and it makes me a little sad to be honest.  I want the holidays to feel a little longer, but they never do! I am so happy to be back this month with the Honest Mamas group of beautiful ladies.  This month the lovely Kacie from www.elementsofellis.com asked me and a few other mamas to be part of this month’s Q&A about Simplified Holidays.  I love that title because its something I want for my holiday traditions and overall life, to be simple.  I love the minimal Christmas decor and style and we are pretty laid-back with how much we do the day off.  So, I hope you enjoy reading my answers and make sure to read the other collaborating mama’s posts!  Links are attached at the bottom 🙂


1. How do you make the holidays less hectic around your home?

Since Atticus was born, we decided we wanted to make the holidays less hectic and more chill.  We agreed not to go to several family houses in one day and that is will be easier (with a baby) to just decide in one meeting place, even if that meant not seeing the whole family.  So far, we have planned all our holidays to be at our house and family to come over.  As of food, we try to keep it simple and not stress with making a feast.  We keep it traditional with a turkey for Thanksgiving and pork for Christmas.  A few sides and one easy to make dessert.  We have kept it minimal with decorations, as you have gathered we are super laid-back on everything haha.  We want to make a tradition of always put up and decorate the Christmas tree on Thanksgiving weekend.  A few Christmas decorations around the house, including fresh garland and greenery.  The one thing we are horrible about are gifts, we don’t know how to buy gifts!  With Atticus so far it has been easy and we know exactly what we want for him.  However, for each other or the rest of the family… not so much!  We are very much the worst procrastinators.  I know even know what I want for myself! LOL.  We feel it is really important to make this a very special holiday for Atticus and we really don’t care if we get something for each other or not.


2. In a season inundated with receiving, how do you teach your kids about giving?

Atticus is just a one-year old toddler and still doesn’t quite comprehend the act of sharing let alone giving.  Still, this is something we want to teach him.  I would love for him to make his own gifts to give to grandparents and ourselves.  I think is just the cutest, most especial gift to give and cherish forever.


3. In order to enjoy the holidays, it’s important to be thoughtful with your celebrations and only do the things that make you happy. Are there traditions you’ve said “no” to? How did you make that change/tell your friends and family “no” is a way that didn’t upset them?

We haven’t set any big traditions in stone with family and friends.  The one big one was not going around several houses in one day.  Saying “no” is hard, but the comfort and sanity of my child, and ourselves, is first.  Having one big gathering is more especial to me than being so stressed getting in and out of the car with a bored hungry baby.  Am I right!?


4. It’s easy to overspend this season. Share your tips for limiting the amount you spend on gifts. (example; making gifts, the 4 gift rule, etc.)

I have noticed I tend to spend more during the black Friday weekend and I want to control that for the years to come.  Again, I need to get better at planning way before the holidays come around.  I know for Atticus so far, we want to get him one “big gift” and a few smaller gifts to go with the bigger gift and books, always books.  I want to get better at the tradition of stuffing the stockings, every year we try to do this!


5. Preparing meals for the family can be stressful. Do you have a simple meal you prepare ahead of time to help lessen the stress?

We are pretty laid-back with food.  I seasoned the meat one or two days before and keep it in the fridge.  That is the most preparing I do to be honest.  The rest is done since we wake up the day of, like potato salad, bread in the over, rice, mac and cheese.  Food is one thing I want to bring a little bit of my culture so rice and pork shoulder, and probably plantains,  is an always definitely on Christmas day!





Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



Collaborating Mamas:

Kacie Ellis elementsofellis.com // Amber Hill amberlately.com // Stephanie Pollock stephpollock.com // Emily Lindsey happilylindsey.com // Camille Burley theburleytribe.com

my outfit:

jeans- Madewell / top- Everlane / shoes- Lotta from Stockholm  / hat- Target / watch- Daniel Wellington

his outfit:

top- Zara / pants- Zara (similar) / shoes- Vans

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Holiday Cards with Artifact Uprising









And just like that, 2017 is coming to an end.  To be honest, it went really fast and slow at the same time.  Some days were really slow and some months passed by in a blink of an eye.  It is good to sit back at the end of the year and reflect about the past year and what hopes you have for the next.  I can say 2017 was the hardest year of my life.  My first full year being a mom, a stay-at-home mom, is the hardest and most rewarding job.  However, what made it the hardest was my postpartum depression and anxiety.  It truly drains you completely and it came in waves throughout the year.  I am hopeful for the future when I can feel it is finally over and my body is back to normal.  Enough negative talk already though! Atticus has been the biggest blessing in our lives this year.  Him turning one, traveling for the first time with him, seeing him reach all his milestones, and so many other experiences I will cherish for the rest of my life.  Our first family roadtrip to Tennessee, Atticus flying for the first time in a plane to go to Puerto Rico, Charleston and next week NYC! We love traveling in this family and it was one of those things we talked about when planning to have a baby.  We shouldn’t stop traveling because we are now parents and we wanted to give experiences since young to our kid.  His biggest milestones happened throughout this year as well.  Rolling over, sitting up, standing up, eating food, saying mama and to close the year… walking! I am so happy photography exists.  We have captured so many beautiful pictures of our new life together.  Pictures are truly the best gift!

This year I decided to create holiday cards.  I have never done holiday cards before and I want to make this a tradition every year with Atticus.  I love how it’s a small way to send your family and friends holiday wishes this season in a more personalized way.  And we love pictures too and these family pictures by Stefanie Keeler Photography are just beautiful!  This year I have partnered with my favorite photo printing company to create my holiday cards, Artifact Uprising.  There are so many customizable holiday card designs you can choose from that can match everyone’s unique lifestyle.  A new feature they released this year was addressing the envelopes for you! This is the best feature and I love them for that.  It takes a little work at the beginning to gather all the addresses, but you were going to do that anyway! But this time they type it for you, taking away the tedious task of addressing envelopes.  You just put the stamp on the envelope and off it goes!!  Artifact Uprising has other amazing products that are perfect for holiday gifting.

The best part? You can have 20% all holiday cards with code “CN20”!

I wish a lovely and happy holiday season to you!



Partnership with Artifact Uprising.  All opinions and pictures are my own.

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My Favorite Kind of Sweater


The perfect wall for my kind of sweater.  When you aimlessly walk around to find a spot to shoot some pictures and stumble with houses painted the prettiest colors.  Would you believe me I that entered this season with no sweaters in my closet? Yep, I did!  I owned not even one long sleeve top.  I got rid of so much of my clothes during the summer that I had no long sleeve I love at the end.  So, I had to start shopping around for the perfect sweaters I would love for a long time.  I want to make sure that items of clothing I purchase are timeless, realistic to my lifestyle, comfortable and of good quality.  I love this sweater because its comfortable, I am obsessed with high neck and the color, duh! Another new item in my closet are these pants from Everlane, and they are my FAVORITE!! They are so comfortable, like for real.  Such a great fit and cut.  I am pretty obsessed with Everlane lately, and their prices are just great.  I want to get these pants in more colors! And my trusty Nisolo mules that I wear way to much, with everything, every day.  They are just that great! And for a bonus for you, my adorable child for you to fall in love with him all over again.  I know I do every day!

Have a great week my friends!



Photos by Kelly Martucci Photography


sweater- Knot Sisters at Inguz

pants- Everlane

mules- Nisolo

hat- Lack of Color


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