Let’s be Honest Mamas: Labor & Delivery


The most important job that I have ever had is being a mom, so sharing about the thing that is most important and that covers pretty much 85% of my day is inevitable.  This month with with Let’s be Honest Mamas, Kacie from Elements of Ellis, asks us to share about our birth stories and plans we made for this big moment in our lives.  Hope you enjoy the read!


1. Did you have a birth plan? If so, what was it. Did your labor go as planned?

Yes, I had a birthing plan!  It was pretty standard since I wanted to be open and not have anxiety because I needed to fit between those lines.  I was going to try to be natural, but not cross out the possibility that I might need pain meds.  I have never given birth before, so I don’t know what to expect, especially when I never have menstrual cramps.  One thing I know I didn’t wanted was an episiotomy.  Most of my labor was pretty normal, until the end where some measures needed to be taken for him to come out.


2. Share your thoughts on a natural birth vs. a medicated birth vs. a c-section.

I feel we have to respect any kind of birth plan a mother chooses.  For me, I would go with any of these types of birth depending of the need of my baby.  We never know what’s going to happen when our baby is ready to come out to the world and we need to be open that things will not go according to plan and sometimes extreme measures need to happen.


3. Briefly share your birth story/stories.

Wow, going back in memory lane. I was 3cm dilated a week before Atticus was born.  I remember Monday night my water broke and we called the nurses and they told us to come to the hospital.  I didn’t have any cramps for hours.  I was dilating pretty quickly, but everything was pretty calm throughout the night.  I couldn’t sleep because i was angsty and expectant.  Surprisingly i wasn’t scared.  I got an epidural in the middle of the night.  Maybe i was week, but it was supposed to happen and I don’t let anyone make me feel guilty about it.  Pretty much didn’t feel anything from then on.  Early morning I started to push, but I felt I wasn’t pushing hard enough probably because I didn’t feel anything?  At some point he was stuck because the umbilical cord was around his neck and his heart rate was not coming up quickly enough.  The doctor communicated that they might need to use the vacuum if it happened again, which it did.  They put an oxygen mask on me, which was the scariest part of this whole thing.  I pushed, put the vacuum around his head, head came out, untangled the cord around his neck and he was born!  Things happened, some bigger some smaller.  This need to happen for the safety and life of Atticus.  You can read a longer, detailed birth story on this blog post!


4. What advice would you give an expectant mother in regards to child-birth?

Having an open mind to not turn one of the most important days of your life into disappointment.  A birth plan NEVER goes as plan some way or another, big or small.  Give yourself grace, you know what you can do so don’t be afraid to make decisions base on what other people might say or criticize about you.  Making decisions for your child starts in pregnancy and you will know whats best for them.  Also, taking care of yourself is choosing what’s best for them as well.  Always ask question about anything! The doctor or midwife can answer anything, and you are paying them so use them as resource as much as you can!  You might feel stupid, but having anxiety at home because you don’t want to ask is worst than sounding stupid, right? Enjoy pregnancy because it goes by so fast!  And let your husbands in on everything you’re experiencing and ask them how they can be part of that big day.


5. Are there any books or classes you would recommend to an expectant mother?

Hospitals have great classes and resources for birthing and any other topics of motherhood, like breastfeeding.  I went to a couple of classes in Babies R Us, they are free and you don’t lose anything by going to them! I didn’t read any specific book, I tried to read “the book” What to Expect when I’m Expecting and I just couldn’t read through it.  It takes me a while to read a whole book, so if you’re like me, maybe articles is best.  Less info to process at one time.


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How to Buy Clothes Consciously


The Spring season is almost here, but there is one thing about Florida… seasons don’t matter!  You never know what you are going to wear when you wake up, until you check the weather app and go outside.  Some days you might see me wearing cardigans and sweaters, and other days short sleeves and dresses.  You never know, ya know.  As a Floridian, it is really hard to stick to a “capsule wardrobe” around these seasons.  One season for sure it can be done: Summer.  Still, no matter the weather, my Nisolo Mariella Mules are always on repeat! They are getting so worn out, but I love it!

One thing I want to dive in and share more is; how to wear items of clothing in different ways, and how many times you can use that item in an outfit.  There are a couple of things I look for when I buy clothes nowadays.

  • How many outfits can I make out of it

Something I have learned is, when I have an item that I can only wear one way, I tend to not use very much.  It almost gets forgotten in my closet.  Every time I am browsing for clothes I have a vision in my head of at least two outfits that I can create with that item.  It makes getting dressed way more fun too, being creative with your outfit wills show more of a personal style that makes you different from others.

  •  Is the color right to use in different outfits

Neutrals, neutrals, neutrals.  Have you ever struggled between two colors in a pair of shoes?  Yep, been there.  I am even OCD about what color I buy and if it will actually go with so many outfits.  For my personal style, neutrals is the way to go.  Staying with the whites, blacks, creams and browns is my way to go.  Having statement pieces of different types of color is great to have! Especially if you love a color pop in your outfits.

  • Will I wear it more than once

I feel my husband always asks me this question.  I always ask him if he likes something I want to buy, when I am indecisive.  He always ask the right question! Haha.  You don’t want to invest money on something that will not get used, ya know!

  • Is it comfortable

SO IMPORTANT!  If you don’t feel right in it, will you really want to wear it again?  Will you remember it at all?  Will you be excited or frustrated that you have this piece when you put it on?  I understand the random times you have to wear an uncomfortable pair of shoes for a party, but I assure you that you can probably find a pair of shoes that combines comfort and style! Don’t settle because it was the first thing you saw, or it was the cheapest.  I promise, if it doesn’t feel right or comfortable you will forget about it!

  • Does it look right with my body type

Something I tried for so many years, was to try to fit into a certain style that really didn’t look right on me.  If it looks good on that person, it has to look awesome on me right?!  NO! We are all different, and if you put something on and it just looks odd, but then you say… I can make it work… Nah! You will find the pieces you love on your own skin when you first try them on.

  • Does it really go along my personal style 

I feel this one goes along with the previous one as well.  Trying to fit in something that doesn’t look right on us and it doesn’t really represent our style or the style with want to portray is no fun.  I know it’s hard because there are so many trends out there and we love more than one style! And that’s ok! I would advise sitting one day on Pinterest, and find inspirations of styles you love, and at the end, narrow it down to the exact style you know is you, and goes along with your lifestyle and would be excited to wear!

  • Quality over quantity

I am no expert, AT ALL.  But over so many years, I have learned to make smart purchases.  Let me tell you, I was the girl who wanted to see how much I could get for $100.  Ask me if I have any of those clothes right now?????  NONE.  With anything cheaply made or lower quality, you will end up spending more money than if you buy the better quality, maybe more expensive item.  I also stopped going to the mall and shopping.  I online shop and take so long to buy anything.  Spending time to find the brands you REALLY love and just shop from those few stores you know you will always love the item.  Looking at what kind of material a garment is made of, the texture against your skin, the fit on your body and so on.

Being picky can be a good thing, for your wallet, and it will make your life easier when it comes to picking and create outfits.  Holding off on spur of the moment purchases, will really help you decide if you really what that item.  Usually if I wait on an item and I haven’t forgotten about it in weeks, then I will most likely add it to my closet.  If I forget about it, then I saved time and money on that item that will probably get lost in the closet, and dealing with returning items is not my favorite! The awkward introverted me hates it.  Think of your wardrobe as a collection, where you want the best pieces to add and go along well with the others.  At least I view it that way, art!

Much love!




top- Rue Stiic from Inguz

jeans- Everlane

mules- Nisolo

bag- Hobo c/o

earrings- Able

watch- Daniel Wellingto c/o


Curious Natalia

Fields of Gold



A goal this year was to begin giving more time to my passions and along those are this blog!  Trying to think what exactly I want to share and keep it straight forward to those exact things.  I know I might have shared about many different things, but I want to change that! I want to go back to my roots, fashion is a big part of me.  How is it different now?  Well, my style has changed from vintage/colorful style to a more comfortable/neutral colors styles.  Also, I want to share different brands I am passionate about now.  I am dedicated to find the best quality items that can last many years, instead of how much can I get for $100, if you know what I mean?  Ethically made is a strong passion for me now too.  I guess becoming a mom has changed a lot inside of me (other than physically hehe).  Thinking that there might be some child laboring in some other country to make my cheap clothes doesn’t leave a good thought in my mind, as well as any other person mistreated poorly and unfairly.  I am not perfect (or a millionaire), but I will try to find what fits and works for me and my lifestyle.

Another big passion I want to share is home style, design, decor, however you call it!  It is a huge passion, probably same level or more of fashion.  I know many of you love when I share things around my house or any other home style scenario when I travel (more than any other picture I share!)

Of course if a travel I would love to share pictures of my time and experience there (even though I haven’t even shared my pictures from new york… oops sorry! ).  But it will be shared along the lines of outfits I am wearing and beautiful style and designs of places in that city.

I know many think of me as a “mommy blogger”, but I don’t think that of myself.  I am a mom, and pictures of Atticus will always be expected!  Still, I don’t want my feed or this space to be solely about that.  My heart has changed this past year, with OCD and anxiety and other fears I have tried to limit how much I shared about Atticus.  This is in no way reflects my love for him or importance of him in my life. THE CONTRARY, HE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN MY LIFE, I LOVE HIM MORE THAN ANYTHING, I WILL PROTECT HIM FOREVER AND EVER AND PUT HIM BEFORE ME.  And for that reason my job is to keep him safe.  It doesn’t mean I won’t share about motherhood! That is my number one job and I want to share my experiences for others to read and not feel they are alone in this journey, because believe me I feel alone a lot!

I don’t remember the last time I wrote this much, but I hope you like where my vision is going! I want to treat this space more like a business along with my passions. Let me know your thoughts in the comments ❤️




Photos by Stefanie Keeler Photography


dress- Madewell

bracelet- Mejuri c/o

boots (old)- Dune


Curious Natalia