Family and Personal Goals for 2019


Happy New Year friends!

I hope everyone had a great holiday season with loved ones.  Like with every new year, setting goals is the norm to start a fresh start for a new page in our lives.  This year I wanted to set goals that will bring intention in my life.  Intentionally spent more time doing this and less time doing that.  Intentionally focusing the time I spent with my boy and husband.  Intentionally using my gifts and passions.  I am not a great writer and I know that, so bear with me here! I hope what I am trying to communicate is translating into these sentences.   There are four individual groups I set goals for.  Personal Goals, Atticus Goals, Home Goals and Marriage Goals.  This will help me be intentional with each one of them and give them my uninterrupted time when spend with each.  In only the few short days this year has had, I have noticed a change in me.  I truly want to change some aspects and unhealthy habits in my life.  I see a lifestyle for myself and family this year.  Thank you so much for all the support you all continuously give me through this space and my social media platforms.  Hope to communicate more and more with you this year!


Personal Goals: 

  • Read More- Goal of four books a month
  • Less Screen Time- Being intetional of how much time I spend on my phone
  • Gluten Free Diet-  Health reasons, physically and mentally.  Eat healthier.
  • Start Taking Phogography and Editing Classes-  First class this monday!
  • Weekly blog posts- I need to get betther at this one!
  • More community inside my house- dinners, play dates.


Atticus Goals:

  • Teaching him Spanish- Reading and talking through the day in Spanish.
  • Start potty training- Wish me luck!
  • Create a play area in the backyard-  Wooden swing-slide set.
  • Extracurricular classes-  He is starting science this semester.
  • More Disney trips!
  • Keep working on his picky eating habits- Jesus take the wheel.
  • Less cartoon/ TV time, more independent playing.


Home Goals:

  • Bathroom renovation- no more peeling tub!
  • Backyard seating/entertaining area
  • Front of house landscaping
  • Create and inviting porch area- chairs and small table and a wooden swing bench!
  • Laundry area- small cabinet and countertop
  • Keep practicing slow living and minimalism- It has been a stress relieve to not own a lot of things!
  • Antique and thrift shop unique finds to fill the house with more character pieces.


Marriage Goals:

  • Date nights- Make a habit of montly date nights.
  • Spend afternoons reading a book together- less screen time!
  • Keep working on communication and grace.
  • Plan a trip getaway trip by ourselves!


I know more goals will pop up throughout the year and not all of them will go as perfect, but I will try my best!  Keep scrolling to look at the beautiful pictures my friend Amanda took of us in our new-old house.  I will cherish these photos forever!





Photos by Amanda Lenhardt Photography