Let’s be Honest Mamas: Labor & Delivery


The most important job that I have ever had is being a mom, so sharing about the thing that is most important and that covers pretty much 85% of my day is inevitable.  This month with with Let’s be Honest Mamas, Kacie from Elements of Ellis, asks us to share about our birth stories and plans we made for this big moment in our lives.  Hope you enjoy the read!


1. Did you have a birth plan? If so, what was it. Did your labor go as planned?

Yes, I had a birthing plan!  It was pretty standard since I wanted to be open and not have anxiety because I needed to fit between those lines.  I was going to try to be natural, but not cross out the possibility that I might need pain meds.  I have never given birth before, so I don’t know what to expect, especially when I never have menstrual cramps.  One thing I know I didn’t wanted was an episiotomy.  Most of my labor was pretty normal, until the end where some measures needed to be taken for him to come out.


2. Share your thoughts on a natural birth vs. a medicated birth vs. a c-section.

I feel we have to respect any kind of birth plan a mother chooses.  For me, I would go with any of these types of birth depending of the need of my baby.  We never know what’s going to happen when our baby is ready to come out to the world and we need to be open that things will not go according to plan and sometimes extreme measures need to happen.


3. Briefly share your birth story/stories.

Wow, going back in memory lane. I was 3cm dilated a week before Atticus was born.  I remember Monday night my water broke and we called the nurses and they told us to come to the hospital.  I didn’t have any cramps for hours.  I was dilating pretty quickly, but everything was pretty calm throughout the night.  I couldn’t sleep because i was angsty and expectant.  Surprisingly i wasn’t scared.  I got an epidural in the middle of the night.  Maybe i was week, but it was supposed to happen and I don’t let anyone make me feel guilty about it.  Pretty much didn’t feel anything from then on.  Early morning I started to push, but I felt I wasn’t pushing hard enough probably because I didn’t feel anything?  At some point he was stuck because the umbilical cord was around his neck and his heart rate was not coming up quickly enough.  The doctor communicated that they might need to use the vacuum if it happened again, which it did.  They put an oxygen mask on me, which was the scariest part of this whole thing.  I pushed, put the vacuum around his head, head came out, untangled the cord around his neck and he was born!  Things happened, some bigger some smaller.  This need to happen for the safety and life of Atticus.  You can read a longer, detailed birth story on this blog post!


4. What advice would you give an expectant mother in regards to child-birth?

Having an open mind to not turn one of the most important days of your life into disappointment.  A birth plan NEVER goes as plan some way or another, big or small.  Give yourself grace, you know what you can do so don’t be afraid to make decisions base on what other people might say or criticize about you.  Making decisions for your child starts in pregnancy and you will know whats best for them.  Also, taking care of yourself is choosing what’s best for them as well.  Always ask question about anything! The doctor or midwife can answer anything, and you are paying them so use them as resource as much as you can!  You might feel stupid, but having anxiety at home because you don’t want to ask is worst than sounding stupid, right? Enjoy pregnancy because it goes by so fast!  And let your husbands in on everything you’re experiencing and ask them how they can be part of that big day.


5. Are there any books or classes you would recommend to an expectant mother?

Hospitals have great classes and resources for birthing and any other topics of motherhood, like breastfeeding.  I went to a couple of classes in Babies R Us, they are free and you don’t lose anything by going to them! I didn’t read any specific book, I tried to read “the book” What to Expect when I’m Expecting and I just couldn’t read through it.  It takes me a while to read a whole book, so if you’re like me, maybe articles is best.  Less info to process at one time.


Photos by Stefanie Keeler Photography



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One thought on “Let’s be Honest Mamas: Labor & Delivery

  1. I never have menstrual cramps either so I had no clue what to expect with labor. And of course, then Hazel was breech so I had to have a c-section and never felt one contraction so I still don’t know what they feel like. Haha! I love everything you said in each of your answers! It’s so important to keep an open mind. I’ve heard of too many women who have had the day ruined for them because things didn’t go as they had planned. It’s a special day no matter if it goes how you wanted or not 🙂 Also, I had no clue Babies R Us offers classes!


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