Favorite Playtime Lounger with Dockatot


Hello friends! Is everyone out there with the flu or cold? Yes, I think every house in America is sick! We were all sick this last week, thank God it didn’t last long.  A lot of lying around and snuggles, but I’m not complaining about that!

A place Atticus loves to lay around is his new Dockatot Grand. He even took naps in there while being sick and it’s something that really surprised me because he never just lays somewhere and takes a nap, only in his crib.  As soon as I opened the Dockatot box and placed it in the living room floor he jumped right in it.  He loves to play in his Dockatot, reading books and playing with his toys, watching TV while lounging and drinking his milk bottle while laying back. My personal favorite is that it is machine washable! A toddler with hands and mouth filled with food you can expect things to get dirty quickly. And the occasional diaper accident… yes poor boy’s tummy didn’t agree with something. I took the cover off and threw it in the wash, it was like brand new again. Another favorite is how comfortable it is, I wish it came in adult sizes! I love how light and easy to carry it is, with a handle on the side for easy transport around the house or out of the house. It is great to take on road trips or the park. I will definitely use it when I start transitioning Atticus from crib to toddler bed. Atticus used to co-sleep with us in our bed until he was about six months old. I loved co-sleeping with him.  The Dockatot Deluxe is great for co-sleeping with your brand new baby, I totally recommend it to all new moms and dads.  Co-sleeping with Atticus was such a sweet memory that I will cherish forever.

Dockatot is handmade in Europe, designed in Sweden and it has been tested for breathability and is OEKO-TEX certified. It’s made from all natural, 100% cotton, ideal micro-climate for babies and toddlers. I love how there are different cover prints for everyone’s style, you can have different covers and change them as you want. Another accessory that is super cute is the toy arch for the Deluxe, perfect for your little babies to play with and look at while laying back. It’s definitely a must in every baby registry!!







*I received product compliments of Dockatot.*

Happy weekend my friends!



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