Walking on Sunshine



Hello guys, here I am again! It has been so long since I’ve taken outfit pictures that I got so excited to do a photoshoot with the lovely Kelly Martucci. It was so much fun, relived great memories and inspired me again to start and continue what I love.  Another thing that I love very much are clogs, if you haven’t noticed.  This clog sandals by Sandgrens are perfect to wear with dress, jeans and pants.  The color, t-strap cut and peep toe are my favorite features of this sandal, I guess I love everything about it!  Sandgrens is handcrafted in Sweden, creating the iconic Swedish wooden clog and clog boots with the highest quality.  I paired my Sandgrens clogs with all my favorites items of clothing: chambray, brimmed hat and bandana! I love pieces that can transition through all the seasons.  At least all the seasons in Florida!

What are your favorite pair of shoes this season?



Photos by Kelly Martucci Photography


clogs- Sandgrens c/o

dress- Zara

hat- GigiPip

bandana- Madewell


Curious Natalia


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