Safety First with CYBEX Cloud Q








On our last road trip we noticed how uncomfortable Atticus was in his car seat.  We drove over seven hours and I couldn’t help to feel bad that he had to be strapped to that car seat.  His head would fall forward or fall all the way to the side, I felt his neck was gonna break.  If he is not sleeping, I don’t leave him in his car seat.  I prefer taking him in and out so he can sit (or lay) in his stroller.  I thought it was a love/hate relationship with any carseat.  When I received the Cybex Cloud Q car seat I decided to open my heart again.  My first thought was “wow this looks very comfy!” There are so many I personally love about the Cybex Cloud Q car seat:

  • Adjustable head rest with comfy cushions to keep his head in place.
  • Full recline position for outside of the car. Love this feature, when we go out to eat or any activity and he wants to sleep now I can leave him in his car seat and just recline it for him to be more comfortable.
  • Telescopic Linear Side-Impact Protection and Energy-Absorbing Shell, both help to absorb force in the event of a side-impact collision.
  • Award Winning Safety
  • Sleek design and style with so many colors to choose from to match your mama style.

I know our future road trips will be more enjoyable, in and outside of the car, with the CYBEX Cloud Q car seat!



***In partnership with CYBEX. Thank you to CYBEX for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.***


Curious Natalia


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