Treat Yourself With a Special Gift


Celebrated my first Mother’s Day this past Sunday and it was such a special day! What a blessing is to be Atticus mom.  Can’t believe seven months have gone by so fast in front of us.  It’s such a privilege that I am able to stay at home raising him and seeing him grow.  Still, it is not as easy as I’m sure so many people think it is.  I was one of those people.  Imagine trying to figure out what’s wrong with your baby when they are whiny or crying after you’ve done everything it could be.  They don’t just tell you, in any form of language.  It’s so overwhelming not knowing how to make them feel better.  It is heartbreaking seeing them hurt when they are sick or teething.  When they bump their heads when they are learning to sit and stand.  This is a real job that shouldn’t be taken for granted.  They positives outweigh the negatives.  Like him learning how to say mama, or laughing so loud when you’re tickling them, when they fall asleep next to you, when they give you the biggest smile when you go to their room in the morning, when they know exactly who you are and only want to be comforted by only you.  Something I have learned since I have become a mom is that it is very important to treat yourself and to know you are still your own person.  This will help you be a better mom to your baby and improve your mental health as well.

With that being said, I have teamed up with JORD Watches to introduce you to this amazing high quality wood watches.  I know Mother’s Day have passed, but to be honest, motherhood should be celebrated every day.  YOU ARE SO IMPORTANT!  My watch is made with Zebrawood, native to West Africa, with beautiful grain contrast and finish.  They offer women’s watches and men’s watches (Hint hint…. Father’s Day is coming soon!) with different great quality hardwoods.   Also, you can engraved them making it such a special engraved gift.

We are not done yet!  JORD and I are offering a great GIVEAWAY for one lucky of you to win $100 credit to use on the JORD site! But don’t worry, everyone will receive a consolation code worth $50 once the contest ends! Giveaway end on 5/21.

Enter the giveaway here! —–>



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