Let’s Be Honest Mamas: All Things Sleep


Happy Monday! So excited about this month’s Let’s Be Honest Mamas!  This post is in collaborations with aden + anais and we are talking all about how are babies sleep during naps and bedtime.  Like always I am so grateful for Hannah from Hannah Renee for putting this together.  I have had the privilege of getting to know these mamas in the last couple of months and I truly love this little group of ours! It is always so fun reading all the different posts and seeing how different or likely we all are!  So make sure to check the other collaborating ladies on the links at the end of this post 🙂

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1. How well does your babe(s) sleep? Sleeping through the night? Taking good naps? None of the above? 😉

So far, Atticus has been a good sleeper (knock on wood!).  He started sleeping most of the night around 3-4 months.  Right now he sleeps from around 8pm until 6-7am. He might get up once in the middle of the night looking for his missing paci, haha.  He is also a good napper!  He has to nap, he demands to nap lol.  He takes at least 3 naps a day.  The morning nap is the longest one, around 1-1.5 hours after he gets up in the morning.  His afternoon nap, around 2pm, is a little longer too.  And little naps in between.  Prayer: Dear God, please let him be a good napper for like… the rest of his life.  Amen.


2. Have you or are you planning to “sleep train”? How did you go about it?

I never really “sleep trained” Atticus.  I just used a couple of schedules or routines I found online to help me better understand and plan days.  Things I did to help him sleep through the nights was dream feeding which I did until he was like 4-5 months.  Reducing his night feeding by letting him fall back asleep instead of going making a bottle right away.  I feel they get up sometimes just to play or talk, so by not giving them the bottle they would not associate getting up at 3am every night to get that bottle.  Swaddles were my best friend, but I knew one day I had to stop swaddling.  I started early on this by leaving one arm out and then one night I just left both out and knew it was going to be a long night.  It took like a week to get used to.  He still sleeps in sleeping sacks most nights.


3. Describe your baby’s bedtime routine. Are there any products or methods you do to promote sleep?

I start bedtime around 6:30pm when I feed him some baby food.  Then at 7pm I give him a bath and let him play for like 10-15mins.  I start at 7pm because daddy gets off work at 7pm, so I tried for him to be awake by the time daddy gets home.  Then lotion, brush hair,PJs and Snuza. We then put him in our midnight silky soft sleeping bag by aden + anais.  Guys, this sleeping bag is sooooo soft! By 7:30pm (when daddy gets home), he reads him a couple of books and gives him the last bottle of the day.  He is not wanting to drink his bottle when we carry him lately, so we put him in the crib and let him hold the bottle and when he is done we take it away.  Right now we are putting one of our pillows inside of the crib so he can fall asleep faster (we take it away when we go to sleep *do not worry mom* lol).  We do this because he was used to sleeping in our bed and the smell helps him and he loves putting his face against it too, which we then move the pillow a little bit.


4. Did you try to create a “sleep schedule” or is it more flexible around your day?

He used to be in a better schedule and one day he didn’t want to drink his whole bottles or eat at the same times.  So now is all by waiting for his signals.  I base it on the time he gets up and go from there.  He eats every 3-4 hours and if he has been awake for like 2 hours he starts getting cranky and I know it’s because of that. My goal right now is to make sure he gets a morning nap around 8-10am and an afternoon nap around 2-4pm. Still, it’s not perfect because some days he wants to take a longer nap right before 12pm again and then a shorter nap at 2pm. I never know anymore haha.  I depend on his signals, that helps me so much!


5. How do you feel about co-sleeping? If you do co-sleep, how and when do you plan to transition to a crib/bed?

I love co sleeping, I really don’t see a problem with it if you take some safety steps when they are tiny.  We had a little co sleeper from Swaddle Me that we put in between us.  I really does help for the first few months when they get up so much.  He outgrew that around 5-6 months.  Still, I didn’t want to let go!  He slept in between us for a little bit.  We have a king bed and he is a BIG baby, we put him on top of the comforter so we can definitely feel his weight.  Never put him underneath the sheets with us or on lay on top of the pillows or around our arms.  Then at 6 months is when the transitioning started.  We opened the pack and play and put it at the end of our bed and let him sleep there for over a week.  We started putting him in the crib after.  He would get up more often in the night and I don’t blame him!  I was too!  So if he got up at 2pm I would bring him back to our room.   I am guilty for this and my husband too!  We are more than ok sleeping with him.  We love him next to us and we feel more at peace when he is with us.  But we know we have to break this, so he is in the crib all night unless necessary.


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3 thoughts on “Let’s Be Honest Mamas: All Things Sleep

  1. I seriously loved your post! He sounds like the best sleeper ever! Good job mama! My hubs gets home at 6:30 and I always try to wait to take him up for bath so he can spend a little time with him too!

  2. I definitely agree with the not giving them a bottle in the middle of the night once their old enough method. Zoe is definitely a talker in the middle of the night. Sometimes she just wakes up (just like us) and needs a little bit to fall back asleep. She also sleep talks, but thats a whole other story, ha! Love this girl!! xo

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