Marble and Pine Local Flower Shop


I am a sucker for beautiful local spaces you can come in and get inspired.  I am always on the lookout for new places to visit in my own city.  I know it’s something we love to do when we go out of town, finding local coffee shops, boutiques and shops that are unique and aesthetically beautiful.  But, we don’t go out of town all of the time, so we have to find our own inspirations in our own city.  When I heard Marble and Pine was opening a shop right here in Jacksonville I was so excited! I knew it was going to be an awesome space and when they opened I couldn’t wait to visit.  And yes, when they open it was just the perfect little flower shop you can come in and get floral bouquets or make your own bouquet from an assortment of fresh blooms.  They also have a boutique section where you can buy a card to add to your bouquet to gift someone, a selection of candles, pots and baskets, succulents and cactus! The people there are so nice and inviting, making the whole experience so lovely.  I met owner, Chandler, and I just loved her! She is so talented and creates the most beautiful floral creations for weddings and events, it made me want to do my whole wedding all over again!  I definitely need a vowel renewal…

One thing I am most excited for is their Easter Wreath workshop on April 15th!  Give me all the Eucalyptus and flowers!!  I would love for you to join me this day and have a great time while creating beautiful wreaths (with the help of Chandler!).  You can buy your ticket here and get a 10% discount with code Natalia10.  Hope to see you there!




Curious Natalia


2 thoughts on “Marble and Pine Local Flower Shop

  1. Great post and pictures. I’m definitely going to check this place out. The flowers are lovely.

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