Let’s Be Honest Mamas- Living Simply and Spring Cleaning


Remember when a group of mamas and I did a Let’s Be Honest Mamas post about Stay at Home Moms back in February?  Well, we have decided to make this a monthly thing with different topics each month.  The lovely Hannah Renee asked a couple of mamas to be part of this and she is amazing for putting this all together! This month’s theme is Simply Living and Spring Cleaning.  A few mamas and I will be answering all about what our cleaning routines are and what simply living looks like in our lives.  At the end of the post you will find the links to the other mamas so you can read their responses!  Hope you enjoy reading our responses!


1. Do you have any routine spring cleaning that you do? How do you go about it if so?

I have been living in my house two years this month and last year we didn’t do a deep clean spring cleaning.  We built our house (not literally) and felt it’s still looked pretty clean and new.  This year I have been setting the spring cleaning routine for the years to come.  They way I am going about it is concentrating in one room/section at the time.  So far I have done the master bedroom, master bathroom and guest bathroom.  I will leave the kitchen for last because I know it will be the big one to tackle.  In each room I do the normal sweeping, dusting, moping.  As part of the deep cleaning I wash curtains, dust blinds, clean the whole window, vacuum corners of walls and ceiling and air vents, go thru drawers and cabinets to throw things away and organize it, clean the base boards, clean fans and lighting and so on.  Each room might have an added tasks like bathrooms and kitchen.  We are going through closets donating or throwing things away.  I started creating a capsule wardrobe, keeping about 30% of my clothes and trying to sell the rest.  If by the end of the month they don’t find a new home, off to the donations bin.  We are also pressure washing the outside of the house and driveway.  Yes, we are going hardcore this year.  I want every supah clean and shiny haha.  Still, it has been difficult concentrating to deep clean with a baby.  Once I start I want to be completely done, if I interrupt I probably don’t want to start again.  It is taking me long to get through this, but it will be all done during the month of April.

2. What does living simply mean to you?

I have learned what simply living is like in the past years. I feel living simply is the mentality of less is better.  The feeling that there is no clutter or junk in closets, garage, drawers is amazing.  It’s a feeling of feeling free in your own home and in your life.  This principle teaches you to not really want more, therefore spending less.  The craving of buying starts to diminish.  It is hard!  I love clothes and home decor.  I started simplifying myself by starting a wardrobe capsule.  I got rid of so many clothes and started learning on how to start creating a curated closet with less clothes with, but better quality.  At the end, it makes cleaning easier and movings faster!

3. What are 5 of your go to products for your home? Organizational tools, storage, cleaners, essential oils, etc. that you can’t live without!

I probably gonna list more than five haha.  Since Atticus was born, I have been using harmless non-toxic products around the house with the exception of the bathroom.  Bathroom needs hardcore deep cleaning all the bleach action to me and everything has to be scrubbed.

All purpose cleaner- I am using the Method Lavender and I love it!

Water and vinegar mixture– I use this to mop the floors

Soft Scrub with bleach– You got it, for the bathroom. And for our farmhouse white sink, to keep it white and clean.

Free and Clear Detergent Pods– Right before Atticus was born we switch to free and clear to prevent any allergies due to harsh chemicals.  Probably never going back!

Baskets–  We have a basket in the living room to put all of Atticus toys every night.

Swiffers (dry)–  Our floors get so dusty and I hate sweeping dust with a broom (you know when you try sweeping dust and it gets all stuck in the bristles?) I also use Swiffers sheets to dust tables and furniture.

Also, notepads and my Field Notes notebooks.  Lists are my life saver.  I like making a list of things that need to be accomplished throughout the week.  I make my lists for the week instead of daily because with a baby you just don’t know what the day can bring! Grocery list is a must, I write things we need to buy as I am thinking about it.  Believe me I have tried to remember later… nope I do not remember nothing!  You see me walking through the house trying to figure out what it was that we needed haha.  I also use my iPhone calendar to keep track of important events, like doctors appointments and especial meetings.  I have this sync with my husband so he is the look of what I or we are doing.


4. How do you approach tidying? For example, do you put everything away each day/night?

Tidying up happens EVERY day in the Thompson household.  I try to keep everything tidy throughout the day.  As soon as my husband gets home from work it’s when the hardcore tidying up happens.  He goes through out the whole living and kitchen putting things away and he can’t go to sleep before fluffing the pillows in the sofa haha.  Yeah, he is my OCD husband.  The reason why my house always looks so clean haha.  I am the cleaner though.  He might tidy up and hide things in drawers, but I am the one that actually makes sure things get clean.

5. How often do you clean your home? What are your daily tasks, weekly, bi weekly?

Tidying up happens daily.  Floors are swept a couple of times a week (so many dust bunnies!!!) and I try to mop it once a week.  Kitchen is wiped mostly every day and dishes are done almost every day (or every other day…. hate them!)  Bathroom have a quick cleaning weekly (toilet and countertops) and gets deep clean every other week.  Laundry, oh laundry…. like 3 days of the week.  Bedding gets washed every other week.  Water my plants weekly.  Dust every other week or when needed.  I need to get better at cleaning out the fridge (raise your hand if you are with me!).


I am really interested and curious about how cleaning gets done in different homes! How are we similar or different on how we go about cleaning and living simply?

Now go see all of the participating mamas posts below and their answers!

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Have a great week!




Curious Natalia


6 thoughts on “Let’s Be Honest Mamas- Living Simply and Spring Cleaning

  1. I couldn’t agree more that sweeping up hair and dust is terrible haha ! I usually vacuum but I should just try out the dry swiffer so I’m not limited to when I can clean the floors ! (When I’m watching younger kids that are terrified of the vacuum or during nap time ) Thanks for sharing !

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