Gathre Love


Happy Spring everyone! Wishing the weather is great this season here in Florida.  I want more outings to the park in really nice weather and skip the heat we get most of the time.

I am so happy to finally own Gathre mats!  I have been dying to get one for so long and still want more.  If you don’t know about them, you have and need to!!  It is a bonded leather mat that that can be easy wiped clean, water impermeable and stain resistant. Shown above its the baby changing micro mat and the mini mat that can be used under highchairs.  I love the changing mat because it takes no space in my diaper bag and if you have any accidents (explosions…) you know it can be easily wiped and not stained. The mini mat its frequently used for under highchairs to help protect the floor from spills the baby may (or will do).  You know every baby goes through the throw food the floor stage! So fun, right? Haha.  Also this mat can be used for you kids to have play time.  I feel it can fit mama and baby and it would be great to take to the park.  They really are an all purpose mat.  Beautiful yet functional.

Also, I will be hosting a giveaway tomorrow on Instagram so stay tuned!!




Curious Natalia


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