I Know You Love Me

One of my worst struggles when Atticus was born was my breastfeeding failure. I tried literally anything I could and ask for all the help in the world. I know I’m not a failure and I know my baby will love me not matter what. Still, the guilt was like a knife in my heart. So I though, if I give him some of my milk once a day I’ll be happy. So I pumped a few times a day. A few times a day made one bottle… ONE! I didn’t produce enough, but I kept being told that I should. At the end I had to decide between getting treated for my postpartum depression or keep giving him my few drops of breast milk. I decided to stop completely and those weeks were so hard. I cried and cried, I was a failure. I though, he is not gonna love me or I will not have this special bond. My heart was broken. But I really needed to get better, my postpartum was getting out of control. Five months have passed and the guilt is gone, as well as my postpartum! Praise Jesus! I know now that that’s not the only way I can be close to him. I’m his mama! I can see in his eyes how much he loves and adores me and I adore him oh so much! So to all those mamas who couldn’t or decided to not breastfeed, you are not less of a mom because of it. I’m so glad for all those mom that could make breastfeeding happen, I wish I could! Still there are others who try to shame us and I really don’t appreciate that. So I decided to let go, for my sanity and health, and to take care of my baby. He is a healthy and big boy!


In the search of the best bottle for my baby in our formula feeding journey, I found the MAM bottles. So far, they have been the best ones to work for Atticus. He spits up a lot and still does, but with this bottles the amount of spit has calm down and gassiness. The MAM Anti-Colic Bottle helps reduce the stress associated with feedings reducing gas and colic symptoms. Patented ventilation holes in the bottle’s base regulate the pressure balance of baby’s milk, allowing it to flow evenly without bubbles or air pockets. It is so easy to clean and sterilize as well! He really does love this bottles!

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