Hello again!

Hope everyone is having a good year so far.  I know I am trying to start this year with a positive attitude and some changes in my lifestyle to better my health.  It was a rough end of the year and I am fighting to have full recovery soon.  I hope I can share with you sometime soon! I know new years means new resolutions, but in all true is the same resolutions from last year you that we never could accomplished.  I stopped making resolutions I know I won’t keep because I know me, like exercising… I hate it.  Unless it’s a class and with a group and someone is telling me what to do.  I guess I get that from years being in a dance academy.  This year my resolutions are: eat healthier, not be on a diet; limit the time I’m on social media because it’s one of the reasons we are so negative and feel we are not good enough; create a community that encourages me because is healthy for our minds and helpful for new mothers; take walks with the baby around the neighborhood, at least 30 mins to relax my mind and get out of the house; and be the best mom and wife I can be for my son and husband.  Of course I’m going to try to read more but I don’t make any promises on that one, haha.  I know I can accomplish all these things because they are simple and what will help me right now in my life.

One of the promises me and my husband have every year is to travel and we have never broken that resolution is the past 3 years. We have traveled together to Puerto Rico, Ireland, New York, DC, London, France and Italy!  We also love driving out of town to close cities and states for a few days and explore.  Still, the promise is to have a big trip somewhere that requires a plane to get there haha.  This year we are planning of having two trips and Puerto Rico is one of them for sure!  Baby Atticus needs to meet the rest of the family and I just need to go home! Be surrounded where everything is familiar, I can speak Spanish and just remember how beautiful it is.  I know traveling will be a little more challenging with a little one.  I probably need to research the best way to do this haha.  Strollers, car seats, more suitcases and I don’t know what else I need to bring for baby to be comfortable where we are staying.  I know I will be bringing this car seat cover from Covered Goods!  The thing I love about this cover is I can use it is more than one way.  This cover can be used as a nursing cover, car seat cover, scarf and shopping cart cover.  You can use it for a high chair cover when you go to a restaurant.  I find it useful as a car seat cover to protect my baby from rain, cold winds and sun.  It’s one item I feel each mom should have.  I keep mine in the car so when I need it I just slide it on the car seat and take the baby out protected.

But for real, any advice about traveling with a baby and what is a must to bring?




Curious Natalia


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