Sleeping Baby


Hello everyone! Hope everybody had a great Christmas and New Years! It was a quiet one around here celebrating baby Atticus first Christmas and New Years.

Today I want to introduce to you the ergoPouch and how my baby has been sleeping more since I started using this ergoCocoon Swaddle! They are based out of Melbourne, Australia  by Alina Sack. When I received this ergoCocoon I was amazed how soft it was and how the cotton interior was thick enough for cool fall and spring days. The material is skin-friendly, organic cotton outer layer and breathable organic cotton filling, never synthetic.   You can get each ergoPouch for specific seasons, so fall/spring was perfect for the “Florida winter”.  Another thing that I love is that is a zip up swaddle and is so convenience, easy and fast to use.  Also, it has arm openings closed with snaps so you can transition baby from swaddle to sleeping bag! I found this to be amazing and versatile.  I’ve been trying to leave one arm out lately to start weaning him out of the swaddle.  Atticus sleeps the longest when swaddle, which I know is gonna be difficult to get him to sleep long hours without it.  When I started using the ergoCocoon he started sleeping longer nights all the way to 5-6am! He is no snuggly in there that he probably never wants to get out of it.  When he wakes up he just opens his eyes and lays there until I make him his bottle and is just full of smiles (that early in the morning… haha). He is just so sweet and perfect.  I would totally recommend ergoPouch products to anyone!

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Many blessing in this New Year!




Curious Natalia


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