Another day, another peplum… I know! Don’t judge haha.  One of the many struggles women have after giving birth to their precious little ones is postpartum body.  I know for sure it was so worth growing a life inside of me (which I still can’t believe I did!) and now I have the most adorable little boy.  We have to continue wearing our maternity clothes for a while and to be honest I really didn’t want to wear my maternity jeans anymore! You’re probably screaming if I’m crazy, “those are the most comfortable thing in the world!” They were not comfortable to me at all, I felt they were always falling.  Anyways, going through your closet trying everything again can be a little discouraging because you want to wear you pre pregnancy clothes.  That cute dress or top, even shoes don’t fit the same! But something positive came out of all this, I had to buy new clothes! Haha.  I mean I’m not complaining about that! It makes such a different wearing something that actually fits right.  Every now and then, “I’m like I need to loose weight, some other times I’m like I don’t care”.

Going back to finding clothes that make you feel beautiful, this top from Pinkblush is on the list! I know I might be loving peplum to much, but I really love the shape of them and how flattering they look in so many people! What I love about Pinkblush is that they have so many clothing pieces that can be used from pregnancy to motherhood. They are not your typical maternity clothes (with those scrunches on the side I hate so much ugh!) and it can be used for transition after pregnancy and not look like they were ever maternity clothes.  Pinkblush also have clothes for all sizes, shoes, accessories and even baby items.  I know this sweater top will be on repeat this fall and winter seasons!

I’m excited to announce I am hosting a $50 gift card giveaway from Pinkblush on my Instagram today! Check today’s Instagram picture for details on how to enter this giveaway.




top- Pinkblush c/o

jeans- Old Navy

shoes- Seychelles

bag- Fawn Design


Curious Natalia


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