Another day, another peplum… I know! Don’t judge haha.  One of the many struggles women have after giving birth to their precious little ones is postpartum body.  I know for sure it was so worth growing a life inside of me (which I still can’t believe I did!) and now I have the most adorable little boy.  We have to continue wearing our maternity clothes for a while and to be honest I really didn’t want to wear my maternity jeans anymore! You’re probably screaming if I’m crazy, “those are the most comfortable thing in the world!” They were not comfortable to me at all, I felt they were always falling.  Anyways, going through your closet trying everything again can be a little discouraging because you want to wear you pre pregnancy clothes.  That cute dress or top, even shoes don’t fit the same! But something positive came out of all this, I had to buy new clothes! Haha.  I mean I’m not complaining about that! It makes such a different wearing something that actually fits right.  Every now and then, “I’m like I need to loose weight, some other times I’m like I don’t care”.

Going back to finding clothes that make you feel beautiful, this top from Pinkblush is on the list! I know I might be loving peplum to much, but I really love the shape of them and how flattering they look in so many people! What I love about Pinkblush is that they have so many clothing pieces that can be used from pregnancy to motherhood. They are not your typical maternity clothes (with those scrunches on the side I hate so much ugh!) and it can be used for transition after pregnancy and not look like they were ever maternity clothes.  Pinkblush also have clothes for all sizes, shoes, accessories and even baby items.  I know this sweater top will be on repeat this fall and winter seasons!

I’m excited to announce I am hosting a $50 gift card giveaway from Pinkblush on my Instagram today! Check today’s Instagram picture for details on how to enter this giveaway.




top- Pinkblush c/o

jeans- Old Navy

shoes- Seychelles

bag- Fawn Design


Curious Natalia




I am one that has always used skin care products ever since my late teens. I want to look young even when I’m 50!  The way to achieve this is by taking care of your skin.  While I was pregnant I was kind of lazy… I mean I was tired! Then baby boy was here and there’s no time for anything the first few weeks.  I set a goal that I have to start taking care of my skin again.  I have really never found the perfect scrub for me and never settled on one.  I have stuck to the basic daily skin care routine most of my life.  Still, I have noticed that my pores have been more open and I have way more black heads.  I knew I needed to start exfoliating my skin, getting rid of all that dead skin and dirt in my pores.  Then, I was introduced to Joe! I was really excited to try this scrub. JoeScrub is an all natural, cruelty free, vegan product line for all types of skin. Each scrub has skin and health benefits, and they also smell amazing!  I’ve always wanted to try a coffee scrub and now was my chance! Along with two more, matcha and charcoal.


The matcha sugar scrub has antioxidants for detoxification and to combat bacteria and inflammation. Also, it will enhance your mood and boost concentration, amen to that! Exactly what this new mommy needs. It is made from only 7 ingredients: Organic matcha green tea powder, organic cane sugar, Shea butter, apricot kernel oil, organic coconut oil, calendula oil and sandalwood essential oil.


The charcoal sugar scrub also detoxifies, healing your skin, relieving stress and improves productivity. Its active charcoal ingredient draws impurities, tightens the pores and leaving skin smooth.  This is exactly what my skin needs! It left my face so smooth and silky.  Along with the active charcoal, it has other 7 ingredients: organic cane sugar, organic chamomile, Shea butter, castor oil, organic coconut oil, lavender essential oil and rosemary essential oil.  This scrub smells so good!


The coffee scrub can be used on face and body and its smells amazing! This scrub helps tighten the skin leaving the skin toned and even.  It left my skin feeling soft and moist.  I can say this one was my favorite because it smells so good! It’s made out of 9 ingredients: Fair trade organic coffee grinds, organic cacao, Himalayan pink salt, brown sugar, organic coconut oil, grapeseed oil, almond oil and jasmine essential oil.



I totally recommend JoeScrubs! I would recommend applying right before you get in the shower or while in the bathtub. You can use them 2-3 times a week.  I left mine on my skin while I took a shower and then rinsed off.  It left my skin so soft and silky!

And for all my readers and followers,  you can take a 25% discount with code Curious25.  I totally recommend The Weekender, so you can try all three of them!

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Have an amazing week!





Curious Natalia

It’s About Time


It’s about time… an outfit post on my blog! I know, it’s a miracle, but I’m so happy! Most of my pregnancy I didn’t feel like myself until the last trimester when I started getting ready and dressing up.  Then, baby Atticus arrived in our lives and getting ready or even putting some powder on my face was a challenge haha.  After a few weeks with my baby boy, getting to know him and him me, getting into more of a routine of feedings and naps (still not perfect), I am finally comfortable getting things done during the day.  I mean, I am a pro at eating and getting a shower in one minute! Lol!

Fall is my favorite season, and now with more reason with my October baby! I love the colors and the weather.  I have been loving this rust color of my top from Clad and Cloth.  I probably now own 3 tops this color (don’t judge!).  When I fall in love with a color of clothing I tend to be attracted to that color when I shop… I try to stop myself, but I love it! This top is one of my favorites! I am a sucker for oversized clothing, give me all of them now.  That is why I had to get this one: rust color, oversized, peplum, beautiful and mine! Now let’s talk about the best hat in the whole world! I am not exaggerating.  If you’ve been following for a while you know there’s a hat on my head most of the time.  Lack of Color has always been on my mind, their hats are just beautiful! But like everything beautiful, it comes from Australia and that comes with very high shipping fees.  If you know me you know I like a deal and won’t pay over $20 of shipping for something!  But then one day… the best day… they offered free international shipping! I didn’t even think twice! When I open the box I was just expecting a hat like all the hats I have, but no! This hat is the best quality and shape ever! I love how stiff it is and the color is all I dream off.  I totally recommend this brand.  I will be buying from them in the future because I need more, ok?!

To finish off, of course baby Atticus has to make an appearance! I love living life with him and with everything I love.

What are your favorite colors and items this season?

Have a great weekend my loves!



top- Clad and Cloth

jeans- Old Navy

hat- Lack of Color

necklace- BijuBee

boots- Dune (similar)


Curious Natalia