Atticus Birth Story

I know this might seem kind of late since it was 7 weeks ago Atticus was born.  I finally came around and dedicated some time of the day to write his birth story along with some pictures to share with all you lovely people.  Trying to time manage time with a newborn is not an easy task! I am on his time now, haha!

Once upon a time on a Monday night…

It all started Monday October 3rd around 10:30pm.  Justin and I were laying in bed looking at our phones just before going to sleep, the usual.  I started feeling something weird… I got up to go to the bathroom and boom, my water broke!  I screamed to Justin, “I think is time!”  I called my doctor’s office first because that is what I was instructed to do and explained my symptoms to the triage nurse.  She said it was time to go to the hospital! We finished our hospital bag with our daily essentials and made sure we had everything.  Let me tell you, when your water breaks it never stops… NEVER! We got to the hospital and stopped at the security guard’s booth for him to direct us where to go.  I told him my water broke and needed to go to the birthing place.  That guy ran to emergency department to get a nurse to get me a wheelchair, it was so funny!  I was really feeling ok, I was not having pain or contractions yet.  But hey, I have never been pushed in a wheelchair and it was a free ride.  It made me feel like the movies, lol.


We waited for like half an hour until they let us in and finally took me to the triage room to check my status on labor.  Finally, around 11:30pm I was inside and I couldn’t believe this was really happening. They put the two bands around my belly, for baby’s heartbeat and contractions.  I was at 4cm and my water was definitely broken and non stop.  They took me to the room I was giving birth in and i had no pain yet other than the horrible IV (I hated it so much).  Justin decided to take a nap and I kind of tried to take one too, but I was to anxious and expectant.  Around 3am or so (I really can’t remember because I was not looking at the time that often really) that I starting feeling cramps. Still, the machine was not recording any contractions, but I really felt them coming.  They were planning and ready to give me pitocin which I really was not happy about.  Then we figured out the band on my belly was not correctly placed and not recording my contractions, which they were starting to hurt much more. My plan was to not get an epidural until I felt the pain was too much, which happened later on…


I was at 6cm and I asked for the epidural.  I was scared, but it really didn’t hurt at all!  To my surprise, it was working only on my right side and felt contractions on the left pretty strong.  Sorry for the TMI, but I felt I was going to poop.  I screamed to Justin to call the nurse because usually it means the baby is getting closer.  They rolled me to my left side, pressed the epidural button for it to work on the left side, plus gave me a boost.  After that… I felt NOTHING!  My legs were like plastic.  They checked me again and I was at 9cm.  It was morning time, probably around 6 or 7am.  The nurses came back after a hour and I was at 10cm!  I was going to start pushing soon!  I started pushing with the help of the nurses every time a contraction came around. The doctor came in and I continued pushing and supposedly I was doing so great, but I felt like nothing was happening.  I was getting tired.  The head started showing, but was not going out so I had to keep pushing.  The baby’s heart was dropping and not recovering fast enough every time I pushed.  The doctor said he was going to have to vacuum him if it happened again, and it did.


They put an oxygen mask on me to help with baby’s oxygen and in the blink of an eye he put the vacuum in there and the head popped out.  He had his umbilical cord around his neck :(, the doctor unraveled the cord, twisted his body and boom baby was born and in front of me at 9:42am October 4th, 2016.  I was in so much shock, everything happened so fast, or I think it did and there was my baby.  I made that baby and now it was here with us and we loved him right away.  They put him on me right away while they kept working on me.  He was so perfect and he had so much hair! My prayers were answered.  He was our little boy and that was the best day of our lives.  I ended up with a third degree tear and a lot of stitches, which traumatized me, to be honest. I was very happy with all the nurses and all of my doctors, it made the experience less scary for me.  Everyone was so nice and I am so thankful for them and all of my family.

DSC_0404 2

I hope that wasn’t so long for you! I probably missed some details here and there, but I really wanted to share all of the happenings of that night.  Here we are 7 weeks later.  First weeks seemed so long and slow, but now time is speeding up.  I’m all healed up, still learning how to manage my time and getting used to him being mixed fed (more on me not feeling guilty that I failed, but that’s another story).  We have a growing, healthy, happy, adorable baby and he is all little man for the rest of our lives.  We are truly blessed.






Curious Natalia


4 thoughts on “Atticus Birth Story

  1. Loved this, the pictures you showed kinda helped with the experience of reading this. I teared up a little lol Im so happy for you!

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