Black and White


Let me tell you a little secret… So many think I have some cute maternity clothes, but I really don’t have any maternity clothes, other than pants. I mean, I tried doing the hair tie trick on your normal pants, but it can last so long until is kinda uncomfortable.  But the rest of my clothes are just normal clothes.  I have fitted into most of my dresses and tops because I already wore oversized type clothes.  I really hate form fitting clothes.  The clothes I have bought after getting pregnant I just bough a size bigger than my usual size. Like this SheInside Off Shoulder top, which I LOVE!  I know I will still use all my newer clothes after baby is born because I love bigger clothes on me already and I know I will need some room on top for the months after baby is born.  So yeah, you really don’t need to buy overpriced maternity clothes just because you are pregnant.  I mean, I am 32 weeks pregnant and I haven’t had any problems with needing maternity tops or dresses.  Let’s see when I am 38 weeks! I will share with you if anything changes.





top- SheInside c/o

bag- Marloe c/o




Curious Natalia


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