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When I started blogging I really didn’t know what to expect.  To be honest, it has been such a great experience.  I wouldn’t trade the experiences and connections I have made just because of blogging.  The downside to this is that all the great people I have met thanks to blogging don’t live anywhere close to me.  We are limited to comments and emails and just knowing each other through pictures.  I always had the mentality I was the only fashion blogger in Jacksonville. Pretty lonely right? Then, I found my dear friend Mayesky from Cafe y Estilo.  I noticed Jacksonville had some fashion bloggers!  I love that girl so much! But then she moved away right after I met her.  I was lonely again.. Haha.

Then I met Thamarr! I am so happy she found me somehow through Instagram.  I remember when she first contacted me.  We never could set a time to meet.  It was until the No Boys Allowed event that we finally met.  We became friends instantly!  Is so nice to meet in person with someone to talk about the things that you are passionate about and they really understand.  We give each other advice and really help each other.  Women coming together can really change the world.

Check Thamarr’s beautiful blog Musings of a Curvy Lady!


Photos by Amanda Lenhardt Photography

Thamarr and I have a love for burgers, brunch and just lay back hangouts.  We got together for drinks and took some pictures together.  We wanted to do a little interview to share with you a little more about ourselves.  You can read hers here.

What made you start blogging?
Since I moved to Florida my passion for style and trends started growing.  All my friends kept pushing me to start a blog and take outfit pictures.   It was until a friend of mine purposely open a WordPress account with a draft for my first post. From then on I haven’t stopped blogging, almost two years ago.

How would you describe your style?
I described my style as vintage and feminine with a modern twist.  Is always fun to try different styles and how this helps you evolve your style with current trends.

What is the last movie you watch?
The last movie I saw was Star Wars 4 (which really is the first Star Wars…) since the new one is coming out.

Who would you want to go to MShack with?
That’s a hard question.  Taylor Swift. I think she will love the milkshakes at MShack.  I do!! 🙂

Latte or cappuccino?
Latte all the way. Give me some Vanilla Latte or Mocha any day.

Favorite songs to sing in the car?
What do you mean? – Justin Bieber
No te Cambio por Ninguna – Luis Fonsi
Empty Threat- Chvrches

Other interests other than fashion blogging?
Home decor and design, dance and Netflix (haha)





Curious Natalia



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