House on the Hill









Twenty eight feels great! And it will my best year yet!

Sometimes you need to be reminded the reason behind your hard work. Sometimes we get so caught in life that we forget our goals and dreams.  Now that I remember, I will start working to get there.  I just can’t tell you yet!

Anyway, been waiting for that fall weather for a month now.  We are all here still wearing summer dresses, shorts and flip-flops.  I mean I live in Florida, what can I expect?  I know I know, is all I talk about.  Still, I will break out the fall attire…  I’ve been wanting a corduroy mini skirt and I found this one at Forever 21.  I love this skirts, it goes with so much.  I’ve been into the 60s style a lot and wearing more black lately.  It is growing on me and it actual goes well with my skin color.  But the statement of this outfit is this top from Book of Deer, look how adorable it is!  I am a sucker for bow ties on tops.  What is something you’ve been loving lately?





top- c/o Book of Deer

skirt- Forever 21

hat- Asos


Curious Natalia



10 thoughts on “House on the Hill

  1. Love the puffin embroidery detail on the bow tie and your styling! I bought a similar maroon corduroy skirt last winter and I ended up wearing it almost all the time 🙂 it is still pretty warm here as well but I will definitely be wearing it a lot again this winter.

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