Meet Justin



So today is a special day… It’s my husband’s birthday!

Since today is such a special day, I wanted you to meet Justin.  Justin and I have been married for almost two years now.  He is such a big part of this blog.  Without him this could not be possible. He supports me and patiently works alongside me to keep this blog alive.  Justin is my personal photographer for my blog.  You can see since I started this blog how we both have grown so much, how my style has evolved and how his photography skills have become so good.  People always ask me who is my photographer to hire him, but he really is not a photographer and is not something he is trying to become.  He also did some graphic design in my blog layout, like my logo and some buttons and widgets.  He is just so good at everything he does.  He seriously learns through Google and Youtube and it gets tattooed in his brain.  Seriously, Justin is the most intelligent person I know, ever.

Other than being such a great photographer, Justin loves cars and working with wood, like building furniture and small things.  We both have a passion for DIY projects around the house.  He is a big part of the interior design around my house (for those who tell me they love my house, he is part of this!).  Is so nice to have the same taste, is so much fun to plan projects around the house because we want the same results.  Justin finished his bachelors at the same time I did and he is starting his career in the Finance world.  Ah, and he loves NPR and podcasts. He has to much information in that brain haha. But his biggest love right now (and for a while) is Magic-The Gathering…. I have a geek husband I know.

I know you don’t see him around much, but he hates being in front of the camera.  To take these pictures was like an adventure haha.  We cried laughing.  Every time we take pictures of him he says he likes being in the other side of the camera better. Haha.

He just came back from an interview before taking this pictures, that’s why he is so fancy looking in these haha! But he got the job! Yay Justin! Time to start a “grownup job”.  I am so proud of him.

He has been such a blessing, to have him as a husband, best friend and partner in crime in all aspects of my life.  Please help me wish him Happy Birthday!!!!!



*if you were wondering he is wearing all H&M and Aldo shoes. 

Curious Natalia



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