Time Goes By


Happy hump day!

This week feels heavier than others.  I haven’t been able to sleep at night, making workdays longer and not easy.  Friday come faster! Any advice that helps you sleep better through the night?  Without getting up startle anxious about every little thing?  Waking up so rested and with energy to take on the day?  If you know the magic spell for this, please share!

In other news, this week marks my 6th year anniversary that have been living in Jacksonville from Puerto Rico.  Time has fly by soooo fast.  I can’t imagine how my life will be in six years.


Esta semana se siente mas pesada que otras. No he podido dormir muy bien durante la noche, haciendo los días de trabajo mas largos y no tan fáciles.  Viernes ven rápido!  Algún consejito que me pueda ayudar a dormir mejor durante la noche?  Sin levantarme tan ansiosa por cualquier cosa pequeña?  Levantándome tan descansada y con mucha energía para empezar el día?  Si saben de algún hechizo mágico pare esto, por favor comparte!

En otras noticias, esta semana es mi sexto aniversario en Jacksonville desde que me mude de Puerto Rico.  Tiempo vuela taaaann rápido! No me imagino mi vida en los próximos seis años.






top- c/o Pepaloves

skirt (old)- Asos

shoes- c/o Clarks

clutch- Wimick

Curious Natalia



6 thoughts on “Time Goes By

    • I know right! I think that why I loved them more and picked them because of the tassel and the color. So comfy too!

  1. Congrats on your 6 years! Hope the following 6 will be great!
    You look lovely in that outfit.
    When it comes to sleeping tips, I’ve just got one – Do a bit of relaxing yoga before going to bed. That is the only thing that works for me. The Bedtime yoga sequence by Yoga with Adriene on YouTube is really good. Hope your weekend comes fast!

    • Thank you Mona! I will definitely check that video out! What is something that I shouldn’t do before or on the bed you can recommend? I am extremely horrible at spending a long time on my phone while in bed. 😥

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