Strawberry Fields Forever



Two things:

First, I am obsessed with Wimick! Reason: The style of clothes she designs is like she knows what I love and what I want to wear.  Everything she designs is like a piece of art for my eyes, which is how I see fashion and clothes.  Another reason I love Wimick is because I love the girl behind it! ❤

Second, I touch my face a lot in pictures.  Why? Because I don’t know what to do with my hands! Just like Will Ferrell “Ricky Bobby” in Talladega Nights, “I’m not sure what to do with my hands?”.  Lol, for those who know what I am talking about, great! If you don’t, here is a link of that scene.  That is exactly how I feel when I am taking pictures.  Oh, the struggles…

Back to my perfect strawberry bring romper by Wimick.  Nothing gets cuter than this romper! She made me a bow to match, I almost cried.  She also has a banana, cactus and french fries rompers that are just awesome! I wore this romper with my new Sandgrens Madrid Braided clogs! This blush pink is so perfect and they are so comfortable, my two favorite things.  I have worn them almost everyday … I want the Sky Blue ones!

It’s almost the weekend!





romper- Wimick

shoes- c/o Sandgrens

bag- Brit-Stich c/o Modcloth



Curious Natalia



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