Summer Fun!



For an island girl I really don’t spend too much time at the beach during the summer.  I really didn’t appreciate beaches until I moved here and they are not the same as back home in PR.  I know, I can’t compare island beaches, but I really underestimated my island until I moved here.  Still, I try to enjoy the beach at least once or twice during the summer, try to get that tan because people don’t believe me I was born and raise in Puerto Rico when I tell them haha!!

To be honest, I am surprised I am sharing pictures of me on a bathing suit! I have always felt insecure with bathing suits, tight clothes or really short clothes.  Growing up I was always insecure, people always made fun of me and weight.  Middle school to high school was harsh, I stopped eating, my parents always forcing me to eat.  I just couldn’t stop thinking of what people saw and said about me.  I lost so much weight out of nowhere! Soon I stopped caring anymore, what people said, what people think.  I know I am beautiful the way I am and the people who really now know that!  Anyways, this bathing suit from Modcloth makes me feel so comfortable with my body and comfortable being in front of people without hiding behind towels haha.

Still, I know I need to start better healthy choices and start exercise, but is so hard haha!!! Help me, I don’t find the motivation to start!

I am happy that I feel comfortable sharing some stories of my life with you and hopefully you relate and know that we all have struggles, but we are all beautiful!

Love you all so much,




Modcloth Top & Bottom Bathing Suit (On Sale!!!)



Curious Natalia



7 thoughts on “Summer Fun!

  1. Love this swimsuit! I am at the same point! I know I need to exercise and eat well… but it is hard. You look great though so I wouldn’t worry about it!
    Leah Faye

    • Thank you love! Yes it’s hard! But I want to start for health issues in the future better start s little now than later haha

  2. Yay for sharing! Your story is like so many others out there. I’m glad you’ve stopped caring what others thought because you look amazing dear! Just amazing!

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