Navy & Yellow

*thank  you for pictures Musings of a Curvy Lady

Summer is all about comfort and light.  Dresses are perfect for summer! Jeans can be horrible for summer most times, it gets so hot you want to rip the off.  This dress from Karina Dresses is so comfortable! Is made out of the softest material and I feel is perfect for year around with different types of layers.  I had to pop some color into my outfit, of course, with this awesome yellow tassel heels from Clarks USA!  Aren’t they gorgeous!?! I can see myself wearing this over the summer and fall as well (since we really don’t have a fall in Florida…).

I feel excited for things to come and I am so positive on how things are turning out to be.  Some of this is thanks to you, my awesome readers and follower who support me and make me feel that what I am doing is so fruitful and helpful to others.  Thank you!

The weekend… 4th of July… is almost here! I am ready to go to the beach 🙂





dress- c/o Karina Dresses

shoes- c/o Clarks USA


Curious Natalia



One thought on “Navy & Yellow

  1. This was also the theme to my latest outfit post LOL what are the odds?
    I love how that dress looks on you! Also, I don’t think just about anyone can rock a pair of yellow shoes but you look impeccable in them. Love the cut as well! ♥

    Hope you’re having an awesome week!

    Alive as Always

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