Welcome to my Shop!

I have been wanting to open my own online shop for a while now.  With working full-time and school full-time I decided to put a hold until I was all moved in my house and finished with school.  After a couple of months of getting used to a new place and learning my new job, I have finally got a little time to start my shop! I have been selling clothes for a while through Vinted, but I wanted to start my own customizable shop where I don’t have to pay a third-party for my sales.

In my shop you will fine clothes I used to love, but after a while it has just sat in the closet or don’t fit me anymore.  There will be vintage pieces that don’t fit, but were too cute to pass on or vintage pieces I love so much, but don’t wear that often.  Might as well someone else give it use and love! So here it is!

Check out my shop now! A couple of items have been uploaded for now. I will let you know every time there is a shop update. Click on the image to go to my shop!FotorCreated





Curious Natalia



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