Plant Addict

I did a little DIY with a clay pot for my snake plant and after I finished I thought “I need to share this with my readers!” It’s so easy I’m mad I didn’t make it a DIY post to begin with.  I guess I wanted to see how it came out because I just though of something and did it without instructions.  But hey, just spray paint and painters tape and voila!

Here is my newly made pot with my plant!  Some shots from my living room looks like so far.  Patience is not one of my gifts, so I just want to buy everything for my house so is fully decorated and furnished.  I know I have to wait and be patience and enjoy the journey to make this house our home.  Hope you like it!


And for those who follow me on Instagram know I have been buying plants like crazy, so here are some snaps of my plants. Most of them are in my kitchen waiting for homes around the house.  I love them all! 😀




Curious Natalia



11 thoughts on “Plant Addict

    • Thank you love!!! I’ve been addicted to plants I had to stop myself because I don’t have places to put them yet haha.

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