Big Bows are Better


Almost summer, can you believe it? Where does time go.  I need more hours in the day everyday.  For me, I have been trying to organize my life.  Transitioning my positions in my job, having a house, creating for this blog, making lists.  I feel I have lost some creativity in the midst of so much work.  I need to learn how to organize my thoughts and create.  Lists have become a great help, at least at work.  I want to do so much in this little world of mine! So many ideas, so little time, to much of a procrastinator.






dress (worn as a top)- Asos (Sold Out)

skirt- Forever 21 (Old)

shoes- Modcloth

hangbag- c/o Pepaloves

Curious Natalia



3 thoughts on “Big Bows are Better

  1. You have the best style, Natalia! Seriously, there is not an outfit that you put together that doesn’t make me swoon all over. That style and fashion sense are a keeper, hold on to it 😉
    On this outfit in particular, that bow is such a winner! I love how subtle it looks despite its size. Such a subtle and sweet look but my eyes can’t look away.

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