O, Anna Sun


I never though ending school would be more stressful than being at school.  I have to re-learn all over how to manage my time and time management can be difficult.  I don’t know what to do! ah! I have a house and so many projects to be done and patience is not my virtue.  I want to do them all at the same time if that is time possible.  One at a time and just enjoy everything about this journey.  Not gonna lie, it has been to long since a trip out of town and I need to get out!  Soon 🙂

Have a lovely week!





dress- Old Navy

shoes- Swedish Hasbeens

bag- Forever 21 (similar)

necklace- c/o Clay&Wire

Curious Natalia



5 thoughts on “O, Anna Sun

  1. I would like to see a series taking about how to mix and Match clothes we already have. I know that a lot of your little details in clothing you rewear, but it would be cool to see what different things you come up with the same items.

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