Sparkly Sequins


Hello lovely people!  I know I’ve been absent, but I am constantly thinking of you and how bad I miss posting here often.  I moved into my home and I’m done with school! Yes I am tired, but I am ready for my parents to fly in and graduate!

I’m excited to be sharing some beautiful spring pieces in collaboration with JCPenney and Chictopia via ChictopiaConnect. I had so much fun creating outfits around the pieces they sent me, like this I “Heart” Ronson sequin striped top that is so cute and fun! I mean I am ready to go to a party! You can wear it with a skirt like a did or pants and make it look like a professional outfit.  And this Call It Spring wedges are perfect for the summer… and Florida for sure! JCP has so many brands and styles for everybody and for every occasion.

Love you guys!




top & sandals– c/o JCP

neckacle- Rocksbox 

skirt & bag- Asos
Curious Natalia



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