Wimick and Cotton Candy


Hey!!! I’m surviving, but let me tell I am so tired my eyes burn.  But this dress makes everything so much better, like perfect!  My sweet sweet friend Whitney started Wimick and launched her “Yellow” spring line this year.  I have been in love with Wimick pieces ever since she started this.  You can see that when someone does something they are passionate about it turns out so perfect and life is happy 🙂  She makes all pieces to customers measurements, so you bet it fits perfectly on me!  I was so excited about this dress that I already imagine what shoes would be perfect for it, and I was right when I pair it with this yellow shoes from Modcloth.  I’m so excited for her summer collection “Blue”!

Alright, so this two weeks are gonna be crucial.  Closing on my house, moving, getting the house ready,  my family flying into town, final projects, graduation, parties, la la la la la la. Ah! I hope I can share every moment with you!





dress- c/o Wimick

heels- Modcloth

bracelet- Rocksbox (get first month box free with code thecuriousnataliaxoxo)
Curious Natalia



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