Oh the time is coming, we will be home owners in a week! Eeeekkk! And college graduates two weeks after! So bare with me a little me in the following weeks.  I promise I won’t disappear I promise!

Anyways, I have been wanting to share the story behind this necklace with all you made by Rethreaded!  They are a  social entrepreneurship that is breaking the cycle of the sex trade by offering viable and creative work to those affected by the sex trade. They get t-shirts donated at their warehouse so Rethreaded employees, women coming out of sex trade, create products to be sold through Rethreaded  at local events and online.  Increase in sales will allow to hire more women to break the cycle of sex trade.  I believe that what Rethreaded is doing by helping woman get out of sex trade and human trafficking and more people should support campaigns like this one.  Look at more beautiful products made by this beautiful ladies here!

Have a lovely week!





necklace- c/o Rethreaded 

kimono- SheInside

bag- Pepaloves (get 10% off with code CURIOUSNATALIA10)

shoes- Keds

Curious Natalia



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