To Be Honest


It’s Monday! Our favorite day, right?

To be honest, in the past week I’ve been feeling like I want to quit.  Quit this blog I love so much and just not worry about anything anymore.  I’m probably really tired and burnt out and getting dress is becoming harder. People might think that blogging is so easy, but in reality is hard work and dedication. I’m in the home stretch, one month til I graduate and school is over and getting my new house. Everything in my life will be changing and I am probably scared of change a little bit. But it will be a good change. Should I give up? 

Have a great week!




cardigan- thrifted

skirt- old

shoes- Topshop (old)

glasses- Polette

Curious Natalia



18 thoughts on “To Be Honest

  1. you shouldn’t give up. If you feel called and led to do this, just seek The Lord on whether or not you should give it a few weeks break, so you can focus on your move and finishing school. Think about your priorities right now. When you have too many things going on, it may be hard to stay focused and dedicated. Don’t lose hope. This too shall pass. Blogging is your creative outlet and something you enjoy. In order to keep it up the way you like, you may need to take a little break until you can breathe again. Xo.

  2. But you’re doing so well! I mean, you’ve only been doing this for less than 2 years, right? It’s an uphill battle right now. If you feel like you need to rejuvenate your creative energy, you can take some time off from blogging. Every great bloggers have done that. You don’t owe anyone anything by blogging. Do it on your own time, by your own rules. So if you ever feel forced into doing this, ask yourself why and distance yourself from it for a while until you feel ready to start it again. If it doesn’t help, then maybe it’s not your thing. And it’s okay. But make sure you know before you make the call.

    Alive as Always

  3. Don’t quit, you’re one of my favorite bloggers..and as a blogger myself, I know blogging takes time and dedication and sometimes you may lack inspiration, it’s ok to take a break and decompress esp when life gets busy, but don’t quit!!

  4. Breaks are great ways to get your inspiration and motivation back. I know how you feel, sometimes things feel like they aren’t worth doing, maybe it’s too hard at the time to keep up with but then the next week you are ready to go again. The passion for clothes will never leave but it might go away for a little bit, it’s ok to take time to get that passion back. Your blog is great but it’s for yourself first so you have to do what you need to do to be happy with it.

    • Thank you Bekah! I just want to sleep a lot which is understandable haha. But this passion will never end!!! 🙂

  5. I think it’s totally natural to feel that way when you have such a big ongoing project! That’s why I take about a month off each year to take a break and relax and focus on other things. If you feel like you miss this space by the end of it, than you’ll know you want to keep going. Or if you don’t want to take such a huge break, just post less! Don’t stress yourself out- it’s your project, you can do it however you want 🙂

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

    • I feel for sure I will miss it a lot if I leave it. This little place of mine has allow me to meet great people like yourself, makes me feel part of a community with ladies with same passions as mine from all over and share them. Im in the home stretch. I will be closing and moving to my house in 3 weeks, my graduation and parents flying in will be less than two weeks after that so I am getting tired already! But I know it will be so worth it and I am glad I can share that with everyone 🙂

  6. No, no, no, pleaseeeee don’t quit Carla! :((( Your blog is one of my absolute FAVORITES where I draw so much inspiration from. I love it (and you!) to pieces and think you do such a phenomenal job at this little space. If you need some time to think and take a break, you have to do that for yourself, but don’t give up for good! x

    • I won’t quit!!!! Thank you so much for this words Lauren, I love you to pieces too! You were the first blogger who I email and actually replied with so much advice and knowledge and I will be forever grateful to that. You are such an inspiration! Im glad you like my blog 🙂 and I’m glad to have feedback that I am doing good here! xoxo

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