Sunshine State



First, how do you like my new layout???  I am always looking for ways to make my blog look prettier, but try to update once a year.  Let me tell you, is great to have a talented husband that can create things for you even though he says he is not creative… He is just my photographer and graphic designer no big deal, he is not creative at all! haha.

Well, is not officially “spring”, but here in Florida has been on the seventies and I’m not complaining.  It was just a drastic change from the fifties to this hot weather.  We don’t have a medium, it’s cold or flaming hot.  Have I told you Pepaloves is one of my favorite stores?! This dress is the perfect color with the cutest little bow, so comfy and adorable at the same time for my Florida weather.  Along with my sunglasses from Polette, which they were actually glasses, but I turn them into sunglasses by selecting a darker lens.  One of the great customizable features Polette’s offers!

Remember, you can get a 10% discount at Pepaloves with discount code CURIOUSNATALIA10

Now, I will enjoy my spring break by not thinking about school!

Have a lovely week.




dress & bag- c/o Pepaloves

sunglasses- c/o Polette

shoes- Swedish Hasbeens

belt- old F21


Curious Natalia



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