There’s Pineapples on my Dress


Ok, this dress had me dreaming of spring as soon as I got in the mail.  I mean, I live in Florida so why I can’t wear it right away??? Because we have what it’s call bipolar weather, where is cold on day, rains the other, 70s for two hours… You never know.  Still, I appreciate not being as cold as -10 degrees for sure!!!  Ok, back to this dress.  Isn’t this the cutest, most adorable dress in the entire world?!  I love the little embroidered fruits! I was impatiently waiting for it and so excited when I got it.  Finally, I have something from Pepaloves!  I have been wanting some of their lovely clothes for such a long time (really long time) and let me tell you it doesn’t disappoint at all, other than being gorgeous pieces of clothing it is such a great quality for sure.  Their spring collection is now on their website and you should totally get a peak!  So much cuteness!

For you, my lovely readers, you can get 10% off at Pepaloves with code CURIOUSNATALIA10!

Go get some of their lovely pieces from their spring collection.  Like this dress, which is my favorite!




dress & purse- c/o Pepaloves

sandals- Topshop

Curious Natalia



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