DIY: Hanging Planter

The excitement of buying a new house has made us want to start buying and creating things to decorate our new space!  My husband found this DIY hanging planter on Pinterest (duh!) and our hearts were set on making this little project.  Most of my DIYs I made by myself, but this one required his help.  I really didn’t know how to cut the brass tubes and at the end we figured out that I bought to thick of a wire.  This little project required a lot of our patience, but it is so cute!  We will gain more experience and perfection when we make more!

To follow the steps by steps on how to do this DIY I will share the link that showed us how to make it.  It is really hard to explain on my own words and she did a great job on making this project so easy!


Materials you’ll need:

  • Brass tubing (Hobby Lobby)
  • Brass wire (Hobby Lobby)
  • Pipe Cutter
  • Planter

PicMonkey Collage
PicMonkey Collage1

The result!  Look how cute it is!  Right now is hanging in my kitchen, but I will make more to hang in my new home.  There is something about gold accents in a home that I just love, of course mixed with white!


Hope you find this DIY project easy to do and gets you inspired around the house.






3 thoughts on “DIY: Hanging Planter

  1. What a cute project! I know how you feel, I’m still decorating , my apartment. I also have been wanting to have plants. But alas, my thumb is not very green.

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