White and Nerdy

Pollette 1

DSC_1283Polette 2

I remember being a 5 year old going for the first time to the eye doctor because of “pinkeye”.  Oh I was so excited because I thought I was going to get glasses!  I even had one picked out before going inside to see the doctor.  How sad is to crush as kid’s excitement… 20/20 Come on!  I know you might think, but you are crazy! Yes I know, I am blessed with perfect eyesight.  I just really wanted to wear glasses, and still do.  I feel I was meant for them, but  the rest of my family ended with what I really wanted.  I mean mom, dad, big brother, little brother!  Why I was the only one with perfect vision!  Still don’t understand to this day.

Anyways, for now I have to wear “fake” glasses and these ones from Polette are just to cute!!  I really love them and I wish I could wear them every day!  Polette, established in France,  has a great collecting of glasses, sunglasses and accessories. They provide glasses straight from their workshop to customers providing the best affordable eyeglasses you can find.  You can order your prescribe glasses through them and they have lens customizations, or like me get fashion glasses.  They have a virtual try on as well!

Hope you enjoyed my little story!





glasses- c/o Polette

top- Modcloth



4 thoughts on “White and Nerdy


    When I first found out I had to wear glasses, I dreaded going to school. It’s nothing personal, just any change to my look at that time scared the hell out of me. But I really love that I wear glasses now haha

    You look super adorbs with those glasses on! Hope to see some librarians-esque outfit on the blog 😉

    Alive as Always

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