Forever Young



Have you ever had the feeling that you are not growing any older and you don’t have to worry about anything yet.  That life is stopped and you have all the time to be young and not be concerned about careers and futures.  Well that’s me!  And is finally hitting me now that I have to think about my future and that there is not more time to waste and think.  Plans have to be made and decisions need to be taken.  But, I am not good at making decisions for myself because I am probably scared to be honest.  Please tell me you have felt like this before!  If not, I am a crazy person!

Well, I just wanted to share a little bit of what was on my mind.  Oh, I forgot to say that yes I cut my hair! I wanted to start the new year with something different because that is what people do!  I can say my hair is so much easy do manage  and so soft and new, but I am still getting used to it and missing my beautiful locks!  But you know what they say, hair grows!

I love you guys!




sweater (similar) – Ruche

pants– Forever 21

shoes– Swedish Hasbeens



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