Happy New Year


Happy New Year 2015 everyone!!!!!

I really haven’t thought of any resolutions for the new year because I feel when I do I don’t go through with them.  What I shocker!  I think this happens to 99.9% of human beings who make resolution lists.  I do have plans in my head of things that want to happen this year.  Some of them are already on the works!

First, I am graduating with my Business Bachelors Degree in May (finally!) and I am oh so excited about this! My husband will be graduating as well!  All the hard work and doing homework every single day will be over.  I can’t tell you what we will do with all our free time after.  I need to think of new hobbies!

Second… We bought a house!  This is the biggest thing coming for this year.  Right now is a piece of grass, an empty lot because it’s a new home.  We went through the process of choosing everything and this was my favorite part.  We will have a home that will have our taste and what we love to make it our own.  It will be done around May, so we are considering it our graduation present.  I have become a Pinterest addict for sure and I already have a pile of things for the new home.

Third, I want to travel, but this is something that is in my plans every year.  Traveling is one of my passions and we travel somewhere every year and I am so thankful for it.  Europe is still on top of my list.

Fourth, I want to learn to cook and bake more.  I want to have parties and dinners in my new home!  Invite my friends and serve delicious food and have a good time.  I guess Pinterest is my best friend ok!

I want this year to be the best year yet!

What are your plans for this year?





coat, skirt, top (similar) – Forever 21

shoes (similar) – Urban Outfitters

bag (similar) – Ruche



5 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. wish you the best of luck in 2015!! You should totally come and travel to Asia… Hong Kong 🙂 But Europe is also a beautiful Country. Love your outfit btw, Happy new year to you

  2. That’s so many super exciting things to look forward to! Congrats to both of on on graduating in May and on the new house! Cooking/baking more and traveling are always on my to do list too! Hope you get to do both 😉


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