Santa’s List

Christmas List 1
Christmas List 2

I had to think really hard what do I want for Christmas this year,  I feel I don’t need anything or want something is specific.  Still, is Christmas and gifts are always expected for everybody.  My parents already asked me to create a wish list… so here it is! haha. They decided to get me my favorite perfume ever, Tocca Florence.  I can’t wait to smell good all the time!  In between all this items, house decor is on my top list.  I would love to have gold mustard round pillows and the industrial round mirrors for my future home…  Nowadays I can only think about house design and decor and this will be perfect for my dream house.  Of course, there will be always clothing in my wish list.  I love clothes ok! Is my favorite thing and I think of it as collecting precious pieces of art, right?

What is in your Santa’s list?





One thought on “Santa’s List

  1. I’ve been feeling in a very “let’s decorate” mood recently, too! I keep dreaming about how i’d decorate my future apartment and pinning ideas like crazy but, alas, im still too broke to move out haha. And I love your wishlist- the mustard pillows especially caught my eye. And hooray for new perfume!

    xo marlen
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