Just Relax

Just Relax by Curious Natalia

Just Relax by Curious NataliaJust Relax by Curious Natalia

Just Relax by Curious Natalia

Just Relax by Curious Natalia

Just Relax by Curious Natalia


Something I struggle is to not feel bad about taking time to relax.  I always feel I have to be busy to get things done and not be lazy.  I know I have probably put a lot of things on my place, but I don’t see myself any other way.  As soon school is over in 7 months I will try to take more time for myself to relax, also put more time on my blog and you guys!

This outfit describes more on how I look on my daily life.  I am to busy and extremely tired to always get dressed up to get out of the door.  So, I love dressing in super comfy clothes… my pajamas! haha.  No, but seriously, have I told you how much I love my new loafers from Modcloth?  Thank you mom and dad for my birthday gift! 😀




top- H&M (old)

bag- Forever 21 (old)

shoes- Modcloth



4 thoughts on “Just Relax

  1. Arg Im the same way- if I take a day to just oaf around and unwind, my giant to-do list is lightly nudging me along at the back of my mind. I hate that though- we don’t always have to be busy! It’s definitely a habit that takes some practice to break 🙂 And even though this is one of your casual looks, it’s still adorable. I love the girly accents you included to make it your style- like that pastel bag and those adorable loafers!

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  2. I was exactly like that few months ago, now I’m just like “f it, I’m gonna do whatever I want”. Life’s too short for being constantly a busy bee, you have to stop and smell the roses…or snow..or whatever 😀
    Love the cozy outfit here, especially those cutesy shoes! ^_^ Love your hair too O_O

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